Most buyers of content technologies understand the key differences between acquiring a content solution as a service and licensing software for installation on servers behind their firewall. Less well understood, however, is the impact of those differences on the acquisition process. With SaaS, you’re not "buying" technology, as with licensed software; you’re entering a services agreement to access a business solution that includes software, applications, and infrastructure. The value proposition is very different, as is the basis for evaluating its fit with the organization’s needs.

The current worldwide economic situation is causing many organizations to take a serious look at SaaS offers as a strategy for continuing to move forward with critical business initiatives. Our latest Gilbane Beacon was developed to help companies evaluate SaaS fairly, with the goal of helping our readers find the best solution, regardless of technology delivery model. Communicating SaaS WCM Value: A Guide to Understanding the Business Case for Software-as-a-Service Solutions for Web Content Management explains why SaaS and licensed software are apples and oranges. The paper identifies the issues that matter–and those that don’t–when considering SaaS solutions for web content management. Available for download on our site.