We were recently introduced to the Executive Certification in Web Globalization Management by our friends Nitish Singh and Ulrich Henes during October’s Localization World conference. We’re thrilled to have both Singh and Henes as participants in the Globalization track at Gilbane Boston 2008, December 2-4.

A new venture within the executive education arm of John Cook School of Business at St. Louis University, it is quite an impressive program! And beyond compliments such as well-designed and timely, the program’s message of “why invest now?” — or more pointedly as the program describes, “why supercharge?” — is a mini-lesson in and of itself.

Consider the megatrends that answer these questions: (full text available here)

  • Megatrend-1: Web will be critical to achieving global expansion.
  • Megatrend-2: Innovation in the new economy will be driven by blurring of disciplinary boundaries.
  • Megatrend-3: Hyperconnectivity will redefine how people and organizations communicate.
  • Megatrend-4: Value systems will compete globally.
  • Megatrend-5: Smart organizations will harness the power of “Collective Intelligence.”
  • Megatrend-6: Economies of China, India and Brazil will be future engines of growth.

Powerful food for thought and incentive to check it out — and register for Spring 2009. No travel required!