November 3, 1:00 pm ET
XML and structured content, by themselves, don’t solve business problems. Their true value lies in what’s possible once content is structured. The right standards frameworks (such as DITA and S1000D), processes, and technologies can advance XML-based business solutions that enable companies to realize value. Component content management (CCM) is proving to be fundamental in scenarios for success.
This webinar is an online panel discussion of “threes”:

  • three companies in
  • three industries using CCM for
  • three different high-value content applications from
  • three perspectives: customer, technology supplier, and industry analyst.

You’ll hear about business drivers behind CCM, how CCM is deployed, benefits, and lessons learned. Featured speakers are Mark Tiegs, Team Lead, Documentation Systems and Support, Research in Motion; Karen Moser, Manager, Documentation and Localization Services, Research in Motion; Kevin Duffy, XyEnterprise President and CEO; and Bill Trippe from Gilbane.

Register and attend the webinar, and you’ll be among the first to read the new white paper on Component Content Management: How True CCM Technology Drives the Most Compelling Content Initiatives. Moderated by Gilbane Group. Hosted by XyEnterprise.