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Pioneering research combines content and localization/translation management market perspectives to present unique insight into current state of content globalization

Cambridge MA, August 20. Gilbane Group, Inc., the analyst and consulting firm focused on content technologies and their application to high-value business solutions, today announced the publication of its latest research report, Multilingual Communications as a Business Imperative: Why Companies Need to Optimize the Global Content Value Chain.

The study is backed by in-depth qualitative research on how global businesses are creating, managing, and publishing multilingual content. Given that many companies expect growth from multinational revenues, 92% of respondents are concerned about the risks of not improving content globalization processes. The research identifies key challenges, including a gap between strategic business goals and investments in multilingual communications, difficulties in balancing centralized and regional operations, and the lack of integration and interoperability across authoring, content management, localization/translation management, and publishing components. Moreover, the study reveals how industry leaders are addressing these challenges, and provides Gilbane’s recommendations on best practices.

“Global businesses recognize the need to address localization and translation in tandem with content creation and management, but they are often stymied, even overwhelmed, by how to achieve this,” commented Leonor Ciarlone, Senior Analyst, Gilbane Group, and study director for Multilingual Communications. “Our research points to the emergence of what we define as the Global Content Value Chain, a strategy for meeting these challenges. Organizations embracing this strategy are leading the development of much-needed best practices, as we describe in the report.”

Gilbane’s study methodology included in-depth interviews with 40 content and localization/translation management practitioners in multinational organizations. The result is a unified perspective on the full spectrum of multilingual content processes, previously viewed as isolated activities. “Gilbane’s study will educate both language professionals as well as content management professionals,” said Donna Parrish, editor, MultiLingual magazine. “The report should be required reading for any company needing to integrate, automate, and streamline domain-specific processes that are often self-contained today.”

Multilingual Communications as a Business Imperative: Why Companies Need to Optimize the Global Content Value Chain is available as a free download from the Gilbane Group website. The report is also available from study sponsors Jahia; Jonckers; RedDot, the Open Text Web Solutions Group; Sajan, Inc.; SDL Tridion; Sitecore; and Systran.

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