Thursday, June 26 2008, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Richly-formatted reports, often automatically generated by enterprise applications, contain a wealth of information that companies can use to accelerate efficient decision-making or quick diagnosis of customer problems. But business managers and users have long been stymied by complicated technology tools. They need simple, specialized search to aggregate content already output in formats they understand, reports hidden because of far-flung enterprise distribution and storage.

Apps Associates, Oracle, and The Gilbane Group join forces to illustrate the potential simplicity for harvesting the value data hidden in rich content that already exists. Topics include:

  • The pain points involved in harvesting valuable data in enterprise reports.
  • The technology capabilities that are required to address the pain.
  • The solutions that combine these capabilities to deliver application-ready report search.

The panel will also discuss real-world business scenarios that illustrate the value of enterprise search solutions that are fine-tuned for reports. Participants are Lynda Moulton, Lead Analyst for Enterprise Search, Gilbane Group; Jinyu Wang, Principle Product Manager, Oracle Secure Enterprise Search; and Ajay Kapur, Principal and VP – Product Development, Apps Associates.

Moderated by Gilbane Group. Sponsored and hosted by Apps Associates. Registration is open at: