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Day: October 12, 2007

Webinar: Do You Know Your Quality Quotient?

Multilingual business communication keeps the wheels of global commerce spinning. High quality content drives us forward, while poorly translated content can bring business to a halt. What’s the “quality quotient” of your multilingual content? How can you measure it? More importantly, how can you use it to bring continuous improvement to your global content life cycle?
Learn more about quality strategies for multilingual content in an upcoming webinar featuring Gilbane’s Leonor Ciarlone and Shannon Zimmerman, founder and president, Sajan, Inc. In this interactive online panel discussion, Leonor and Shannon present the multilingual quality quotient principle and show you how to incorporate it into an enterprise global content lifecycle strategy.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
11:00 AM – 12:15 PM EST
Attendees and registrants will receive an advance copy of the new Gilbane Group white paper, Quality In, Quality Out: The Role of Technology in the Global Content Lifecycle.

Collaboration and Expertise Bring Focus to Enterprise Search

The topic of the month seems to be “social search;” I confess to being a willing participant in this new semantic framing of a rash of innovative new tools for enterprise search products. I would, however, defer to the professional intent of some great new features by stressing that this is really a next step in bringing collaboration closer to where expert knowledge workers do their work. As I view enterprises with a heavy research component, 10 – 30% of the average professional’s time is spent in a search environment. In other words, we all spend a lot of our day just looking for “stuff.” We also spend a significant amount of time in meetings, exchanging emails, and making presentations. More and more of us contribute to collaboration spaces where we work together on various types of document production.

Putting together the work habits and needs of a time-poor and information-rich community of knowledge workers in a post-processing environment where they can “mash up,” tag and commentate their search discoveries is a natural evolution of search technology. It is remarkable to see how search companies that are serious about the enterprise market (search within and for the enterprise) are rapidly turning out enhancements for their audiences, now that they are convinced that “Enterprise 2.0” has a boatload of early adopters in the wings. Search should always be about connecting experts and their content. Add collaboration and the ability to enrich search results by searchers for the benefit of their colleagues and you have a model for, soon-to-be, heavily adopted products.

That pretty much sums up how we should be thinking about “social search” in the enterprise. You can hear more of my views in a KMWorld Webinar, Using Social Search to Drive Innovation through Collaboration next Tuesday in a presentation sponsored by Vivisimo, one of the leaders in this area.

The week had plenty of virtual ink devoted this topic so you might want to check out these two articles with more commentary. The first was in eWeek, by Clint Boulton, Vivisimo Marries Search, Social Networking. The second shows that Google is on the bandwagon, as well, Google Enterprise Search gets social, a blog entry at C|Net by Rafe Needleman.

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