We have not heard of an organization that doesn’t.

Content management and translation management each have their own set of process bottlenecks. Put them together and what do you get? An endless migraine, a major headache, a dull pain, and for the very few, a nuisance. Here’s some of the phrases we hear when we talk to our clients about the content and translation lifecycle:

  • “Undesired repetition and unpredictable outcomes.”
  • “A cost we don’t really have a handle on.”
  • “We’d have to survey each workgroup to figure it out.”
  • “Redundant, cumbersome, and expensive.”

Hence, the poll of the week. We’re gearing up for the Global Content Management track at Gilbane Boston, November 27-29. Our goal is to spend more time discussing the elimination of process bottlenecks rather than bemoaning their existence.

Help us shape the list for our sessions and discussions in Boston by taking our poll of the week. Got process bottlenecks? We want to know about them.