The recording from our June 26th webinar, “Utilizing Web CMS as an eMarketing Platform to Deliver Tangible ROI” is now available here.

During the webinar, my co-presenters from Hot Banana Software and I talked about how the Web is a critical component of marketing and sales strategies for organizations large and small. We noted that more and more marketing dollars are moving to online activities, in billions. Not many would argue with that. But we also reminded our audience that “the other side of the coin” in having more money to spend is the parallel rise in corporate expectations for ROI on that spend. Not many can argue with that.

The heat is on. Organizations want eMarketing to drive sales, period. Proving that it can – and quantifying that it does – remains the conundrum for many. As we discussed how to prove marketing ROI, we asked the audience to tell us about their eMarketing goals. Their responses clearly have accountability (read: measurement!) in mind:

We also talked about the fact that eMarketing is a dizzying challenge, given an array of emerging approaches, techniques, and technologies. Selecting the most lucrative methods is as far from a one-dimensional process as you can get. Here’s a snapshot of the methods our webinar audience is using today:

It can be interesting for both analysts and technology vendors to understand the rate of technology adoption within the field — as opposed to within the market forecast. Here’s a case in point, where “2.0”-driven techniques such as social media advertising and RSS content distribution lag begin more traditional “e” methods, focused squarely around email and search.

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