We hear it time and again in our engagements with enterprise users who are solving business problems with content technologies. What’s the right mix of business and IT when it comes to success? Today, one specific context for this question is the development of an overarching, enterprise-wide web strategy. Global businesses demand multiple websites, both internal and external. The challenge of managing their development, deployment, and maintenance can be overwhelming. Or not, given the right technology and processes for multi-website content management.
Gilbane’s Bill Trippe talks with Michelle Huff, principle product director, Oracle Content Management, about effective multisite management.
Multiple Websites: Driving You Crazy, or Driving Your Business?
Wednesday, May 2, 9:00 am PT
Registration is open. Registrants receive a complimentary advance copy of the new Gilbane white paper, The Multi-Website Challenge in Enterprise Content Management: Balancing Control and Distributed Content Creation.
If you have issues you’d like Bill and Michelle to address in the webinar, please post comments to this entry, and we’ll include them in the discussion. You can also send email to bill@gilbane.com.