…with a subtitle of Technology, Process & Organization – The 3 pillars of adoption
Evolving governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management requirements (process) and a raft of new technologies to automate, coordinate, monitor and audit those processes are enabling, or shall I say forcing, significant shifts in organizational structure. While changes within finance, legal, HR, risk and compliance offices are certainly profound, IT organizations have a unique two-front battle on their hands. Obviously, IT has to get its own house in order – document and put into motion an effective and sustained IT governance program. This should not be confused with the second broader and more strategic challenge of application and technology expansion in support of finance, legal and the rest of their internal constituents. The critical importance of sustaining effective GRC programs and the central role of technology as an enabling catalyst makes the successful adoption of GRC technology one of the most important operational challenges of the day.
It is for all of these reasons that I am very excited about the recent work of the Open Compliance and Ethics Group and the soon to be announced OCEG IT Forum.

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