A year (or two or three) ago, I contributed a regular column to www.gilbane.com and came to enjoy having an alternative outlet for my musings. The theme then was “tribal knowledge – a monthly column dedicated to dispelling hi tech myths and sharing life’s lessons.” Well, I am not sure how many new “life lessons” I may have to share – but I can say with absolute confidence that “hi-tech myths” continue to breed, multiply and prosper. Having crossed back into “the dark side” of the business as my analyst friends privately call the enterprise software industry, I am going to narrow my focus to the latest white hot hi tech category – compliance. So, this is just a “hello world” posting – giving fair warning that I have a long list of double talk, meaningfully ambiguous terminology and self referential world views that I am looking forward to skewering – and I hope someone out there will enjoy reading these postings as much as I anticipate writing them. Thanks for the forum Frank.