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Our news is compiled from dozens of sources, many of which are in the form of press releases sent to us or collected from the News sections on vendor sites. We pick what we think are the most important and/or interesting items, and then create a single paragraph news item for each. We intentionally exclude pure PR language such as: "the leading", "best of breed", "highly", "groundbreaking", "unparalleled", "unprecedented", "for the first time", "world-class", "real world", "flagship", etc., but we make no attempt to eliminate all marketing language. We usually do not report customer sales, promotions, announcements of demos, or financial results. We also exclude company descriptions, quotes, vendor explanations of the market, and any other content that in our opinion adds little value to the news item. Our goal is to keep you up-to-date with the most important news and trends as efficiently as possible.

We limit our email news to our view of the "Top 10" out of the 200-300 news items we review each week. We publish the Top 10 by date, not in order of importance. News from January 2007 is available on Industry News Blog, and archived news from 1999 through 2006 is available at http://gilbane.com/news.html. We also editorialize on our analyst blogs.


We analyze technology and trends and make strategy recommendations. Our audience consists mostly of IT strategists and implementors with varying degrees of technical expertise. We keep our analysis at a technical level that anyone in IT, and many business managers, should be comfortable with.

We think product reviews are very valuable, but we focus on helping you understand the kinds of trends and issues you need to understand before you look at products. We help you understand the landscape. We sometimes categorize types of products and may mention specific companies or products as examples, but we don't promote specific vendors. We do sometimes have strong opinions, positive and negative, about technology choices or approaches that may be associated with particular suppliers. In these cases you'll just have to trust that we are not vendor bashing or promoting.

We know a lot of very smart people who are excellent writers and have unbiased and valuable opinions, but our policy has always been that we don't accept contributions from vendors. If you work for a vendor and would like to write an article for us as an individual, send us an abstract and some writing samples and we will consider it.


We sometimes invest in, advise, or consult with companies that may be mentioned directly or indirectly in our analysis. Even though we never use our publication to promote any products, we always disclose any affiliation that could be seen as influencing us.

Trademark Policy

Product, technology, and service names in any of our publications are trademarks or service names of their respective owners.

Special Trademark Statements

The IBM Logo is a registered trademark of IBM in the United States and other countries and used under license. IBM responsibility is limited to IBM products and services and is governed solely by the agreements under which such products and services are provided.

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