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oXygen XML Editor and Author Version 11 Released

Syncro Soft released <oXygen/> XML Editor and Author version 11. Version 11 of <oXygen/> XML Editor comes with new features covering both XML development and XML authoring like: XProc support, integrated documentation for XSLT stylesheets, a new XQuery debugger (for the Oracle Berkeley DB XML database), MathML rendering and editing support, a smarter Author mode for an improved visual editing experience and DITA 1.2 features. The support for very large documents was improved to handle documents in the 200MB range in the editor and 10GB in the large files viewer, the SVN support was upgraded with new features and a number of processors and frameworks were updated to their latest versions. <oXygen/> 11 contains also an experimental integration with EMC Documentum Content Management System. <oXygen/> XML Editor can be purchased for a price of USD 449 for the Enterprise license, USD 349 for the Professional license, and USD 64 for Academic/Non-Commercial use (for the latter, the support and maintenance pack is included). <oXygen/> XML Author can be purchased for a price of USD 269 for the Enterprise license and USD 199 for the Professional license. <oXygen/> XML Editor and Author version 11 can be freely evaluated for 30 days. You can request a trial license key from

Oxygen XML Editor version 10.3

Syncro Soft Ltd has announced the availability of version 10.3 of its XML Editor and XML Author. Oxygen combines content author features like the CSS driven Visual XML editor with a fully featured XML development environment. It has ready to use support for the main document frameworks DITA, DocBook, TEI and XHTML and also includes support for all XML Schema languages, XSLT/XQuery Debuggers, WSDL analyzer, XML Databases, XML Diff and Merge, Subversion client and more. Version 10.3 of Oxygen XML Editor improves both the XML Authoring and the XML Development capabilities. As a result of user feedback the Oxygen XML Author API was reorganized and extended with additional functionality. There are various improvements to the existing frameworks (DITA, DocBook, TEI, etc.) like automatic ID generation or DITA aware search and replace. A new XML development feature is the Component Dependencies View that presents a tree of component dependencies starting with a specified component for XSLT, XML Schema, Relax NG and NVDL. The new version also integrates the Saxon SA XQuery Update functionality and updates a number of components to their latest versions.

EMC Expands Developer Resources for Enterprise Content Management

EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) announced free, full-function developer editions of its enterprise content management (ECM) products and launched two new online communities dedicated to EMC Documentum and XML developers. Through the Documentum and XML communities, developers will have open access to resources that includes code samples, tutorials, full product documentation and “getting started” guides. EMC Documentum Content Server Developer Edition provides developers free access and offers a “one-click” deployment that can be run on a laptop so that developers can quickly start creating their Documentum-based solutions. EMC Documentum xDB Developer Edition provides developers a scalable, high performance, native XML database at no cost for development and testing. .NET Productivity Suite makes it easier for developers to conduct integrations with Microsoft applications such as SharePoint by allowing them to work exclusively in a Microsoft environment. EMC Documentum Content Services for Salesforce CRM allows developers to embed Documentum content services within Salesforce CRM. All products are available today. The free developer editions of Content Server and xDB are for development, testing and trial only. Standard licensing fees apply for production and run-time deployments.

IXIASOFT Announces OEM agreement with 3Squared

IXIASOFT announced an OEM partnership with 3Squared, a provider of web content management solutions and consultancy based in the UK. As part of this agreement, 3Squared has developed Arca, a document management solution based on TEXTML Server, IXIASOFT’s XML database. Aimed at organizations looking for a complete document management solution, Arca enables management for growing enterprise content. Arca features complete document and content management capabilities providing users with a collaborative solution allowing them to better control their content, store and retrieve documents and manage and compare versions. By selecting TEXTML Server as the main repository for their content management offering, 3Squared was able to quickly develop and go to market with its solution.,

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