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Vasont Releases Vasont 12.0

Vasont Systems announced the release of the next major version of their content management system, Vasont 12, that enables users to store multilingual content once for maximum reuse and delivery to multiple channels. Vasont 12 includes: Collaborative Review package provides effective virtual collaboration with colleagues. Internal and external reviewers markup content with changes and comments while seeing other reviewers’ feedback simultaneously. Accepted changes automatically update in Vasont, minimizing manual updates; Project Management tracks projects to meet publishing deadlines. The Project Management window provides overall statuses of workflow projects across multiple departments and highlights overdue projects. When needed, users can inquire for specific status information. Gantt charts provide a graphical view of project timelines; Translation package consolidates translation project information in one window. Vasont’s Translation Projects window provides tracking and status for each multi-language translation project. Translation coordinators submit projects to multiple vendors for quote or translation. Integrations with translation vendors automate content delivery and status information to/from Vasont; Preview feature provides a styled view of XML content. Vasont’s Preview displays content in a styled view to speed up editorial time by making content easy to read; Content Ownership increases content security. Specific pieces of content within a collection are restricted to alterations by its Content Owners while other users can only view it. Associate Administrators role provides flexibility to coordinate administrative responsibilities across multiple groups, and more. This release is available on May 1, 2009 for both the client/server and hosted (SaaS) models.

Vasont Systems Introduces Integrated Solution with Lionbridge’s Freeway

Vasont Systems announced the availability of its new integration between the Vasont Content Management System (CMS) and Freeway, the Web-based translation management platform from Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. This direct integration between the Vasont CMS and Freeway is to provide clients with a more efficient method of translating content and monitoring the status of translation projects. Using the Vasont Translation Package with the Freeway integration, clients can now initiate translation quotes or translation projects to Freeway directly from the Vasont interface. Content and status information are automatically sent back and forth between the Vasont CMS and Freeway during the translation process. Clients can monitor the status and history of high-level projects, or of detailed subprojects for each language, using Vasont’s new translation window.,

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