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SimpleFeed Adds Twitter Support

SimpleFeed, Inc. announced customers can now publish any content in SimpleFeed into their Twitter accounts. Customers and prospects increasingly want to subscribe to news, offers and other information via Twitter. SimpleFeed creates, manages and measures syndicated content for large corporations. To create feeds for its customers, SimpleFeed integrates with many sources of content – republishing of existing RSS Feeds, content management system integrations, web services integrations, data feed integrations, HTML scraping and manual content entry. SimpleFeed Enterprise Twitter publishing enables marketers to publish any of this content into their Twitter streams. Features of SimpleFeed Enterprise publishing include:Publish any content in SimpleFeed to multiple Twitter accounts; Publish to specific Twitter accounts based on content tagging;  Control of the publishing process via the SimpleFeed User Management System; Publish once to everywhere – Feeds, Twitter, Web Sites; Custom publish content (not just title and link); Support for tinyurl and; and Enterprise level support.

Reactivity Announces Enterprise RSS Offering; Partners with SimpleFeed

Reactivity, Inc., announced it has entered the enterprise RSS market, announcing that its Reactivity Gateways are able to make XML-based syndication practical for use with sensitive, secure and private content. Reactivity Gateways provide the security and other features enterprises need to take RSS beyond public news, marketing and product announcements, while ensuring that RSS use complies with the privacy and data protection requirements of government and corporate regulations. Reactivity Gateways can be used to authenticate access, secure transport, encrypt single and aggregated RSS feeds and transform RSS data to and from other XML formats. Advanced tracking, alerting, reporting and XML message manipulation capabilities, made possible by Reactivity’s Advanced Messaging Architecture, simplify the compliant use of RSS while enabling enterprises to respond proactively to non-compliant RSS situations and improper identity usage. And Reactivity’s any-to-any interoperability and mediation with other XML and Web services formats, standards, transports and data allows integration of RSS with existing back-end systems. Reactivity also supports Atom 1.0. Reactivity also announced that SimpleFeed has partnered with Reactivity to deliver Secure RSS service.

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