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Red Hat Launches

Red Hat has launched a new online community focused on promoting everything open source. Aside from Red Hat’s own technologies, the site also promotes open source software and technology throughout various industries. The posted goals of the site is to promote open exchange, collaboration, rapid prototyping, and crowdsourcing to develop technologies for the greater good of humanity.

Lutris Available With Linux Enhydra & XMLC

Lutris Technologies announced the inclusion of Enhydra, the Open Source Java/XML Application Server, on the Red Hat Application CD that ships with Official Red Hat Linux 6.1. Enhydra 2.2 is an Open Source application server that includes XMLC, XML Compiler. XMLC is a development tool that uses the popular Internet standards, XML and Document Object Model (DOM), for the creation of dynamic Web applications. Red Hat is the first commercial vendor to distribute Enhydra. Lutris realized that a complete Open Source Internet server platform was missing a critical piece: an application server. Enhydra provides the final part of this equation, the Open Source Java/XML application server for building Internet applications.

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