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Gilbane Conference 2015 resources

Whether you were able to join us for the Gilbane Conference 2015 or not, the conference presentations are available. There are also videos of the keynote presentations and a couple of interactive panels. Below is a list of the videos with direct links to individual presentations and panels. Also, below are links to some blog posts and speaker spotlights.

Keynote Presentations

Donna Tuths, Global Managing Director, Accenture Interactive, Accenture Digital
Global Marketers and Digital Transformation: What They are Doing and What They are Thinking

Scott Brinker, Founder, & Co-founder & CTO, ion interactive
Hacking Marketing: What Marketers Can Steal from Software Developers

Jon Marks, CTO and co-founder, Kaldor
Are Apps All They’re Cracked Up to Be? (Or Should We Just Embrace Mobile Web Instead?)

Kevin Newman, Director of Technology, Harvard Business Publishing
Using Strategic Thinking in Technology

Michele J. Givens, Publisher and General Manager, Editorial Projects in Education, Inc.
Strategies for Improving Digital Outreach & Increasing Audience Engagement

New Frontiers in Digital Content Distribution

Moderator: Mark Walter, Director, Strategic Solutions, Managing Editor Inc. (MEI)
Introduction overview
Brad Kagawa, VP Technology, Content Management Systems, The New York Times
Jay Brodsky, Principal, Align Digital
Eric Hellweg, Managing Director, Digital Strategy, Harvard Business Review
Interactive Panel

Aligning Technology with Strategy – Harvard Business Review

Moderator: Kevin Newman, Director of Technology, Harvard Business Publishing
Fred Lalande, Technical Production Manager, Harvard Business Publishing
Daigo Fujiwara, Web Developer, Harvard Business Publishing
Matt Wagner, Web Developer, Harvard Business Publishing
Kianosh Pourian, President/Founder, Cielo Concepts Inc.
Matt Serbian, Web Developer and Tech Lead
Interactive Panel

Recurring Revenue: Why Subscription Models are the New Hot Business Model (Again)

Moderator: Kathy Greenler Sexton, CEO & Publisher, Subscription Insider
Conference session
Catherine Giffi, Director, Strategic Market Analysis, Wiley
Jim Fosina, CEO & Founder, Amora Coffee & Tea Fosina Marketing Group
Dan Burkhart, CEO, Recurly
Peter Figueredo, Founding Partner, Subscription Practice Lead, & Head of Client Services, House of Kaizen

Blog posts

Destination CRM
Gilbane Conference 2015: Understand Customer Reactions, and Deliver Content Accordingly
2015 Gilbane Conference Day Two: Companies Must Personalize Content for Global Markets

CMS Wire
Discussion Point: What’s on Your 2016 Digital Radar?

5 observations on the state of employee social networks

TechTarget SearchCRM
Creating an effective content marketing strategy

TechTarget SearchCIO
Gilbane Conference: HBR’s IT team uses Agile and wins a seat at the table

CMS Wire
Discussion Point: What’s on Your 2016 Digital Radar?

Digital distraction disorder – a problem for consumers, a bigger problem for marketers
WCM alternatives: build, buy, customize – what would you do?

a Technologies Blog
Review Gilbane Conference 2015

Speaker Spotlights

Gilbane Conference 2015 speaker spotlights are on the main conference site here.

Speaker spotlights for the 2014 and 2013 conferences are here.

Webinar: Structured Content for Innovation: Organize Today to Exploit Tomorrow’s Promises

Thursday, October 23, 2:00 pm ET
Third in a series of webinars on developing a strategic roadmap for structured content
Featured speakers from the first two webinars on the ROI Blueprint discuss how structured content can bring real innovation to business applications throughout the enterprise.
Participants are:

  • Geoff Bock, Gilbane Group
  • Eric Severson, Flatirons Solutions
  • Bruce Sharpe, JustSystems
  • Dale Waldt, aXtive Minds

Registration is open. Recordings of previous webinars are available if you want to get up to speed on the larger discussion of enterprise value of structured content. Moderated by Gilbane Group.

Sponsored by JustSystems.

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