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Percussion Announces Content Management System 6.6

Percussion Software introduced its latest release, Percussion Content Management System 6.6. CM System 6.6 goes beyond the traditional process-driven “author and publish” paradigm and helps users  harvest and publish content. CM System, formerly named Rhythmyx helps users evaluate and harvest the most powerful content, make changes and publish as business dictates. Whether the priority is to quickly test a campaign, tap into user-community sentiment, or readily repurpose content, Percussion CM System 6.6 helps manage content for information intense businesses. When viewing a page from a browser or within the WebAnalytics solution, clicking the Linkback button will take the user to the desired page, where edits can be made.The user may then rapidly add and remove page elements in bulk, change page designs (templates), move page elements and visually compare to prior versions of the page, all from a single, purpose-built interface. Once changes have been completed, the user can bypass workflow and staging and instantly publish to the live site. CM System 6.6 includes a new search function using the Lucene open source search engine. CM System 6.6 is available for immediate delivery to new customers, and available as an upgrade for existing customers.

Percussion Adds Personalization to Percussion 2.0 Solution Series

Percussion Software introduced its Personalization Solution, the latest in its Percussion 2.0 Solution Series. Personalization is one of Percussion’s pre-packaged solutions to help organizations to create a more effective multi-channel web presence. With the Personalization Solution, organizations can create a “personal” messaging experience for their online audiences by tracking visitor behaviors and optimizing site presentation. The new Personalization Solution is meant to help enable organizations to deliver more effective online messaging and a more dynamic Web presence, with the stronger, richer personalization that encourages site visitors to be more engaged online, and more likely to become repeat visitors. Percussion’s approach to Personalization gives business users the ability to rapidly change both content and personalization without IT intervention.

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