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Joomla! 1.7 CMS Released With Enhanced Security Tools

Joomla, the popular open source CMS (content management system), announced the immediate availability of Joomla 1.7. Key updates in the new version include pre-defined search options, a new defense against form manipulation, language specific font settings and more. In addition, the entire Joomla open source community overhauled the development lifecycle for its CMS to make future release dates more predictable, and enabled users to more easily contribute content and migrate to the latest version. The development of 1.7 is a collaboration by thousands of Joomla developers and millions of everyday users.

Nuxeo Introduces Nuxeo Studio

Nuxeo announced that it will be introducing Nuxeo Studio. Nuxeo Studio, a configuration and customization environment for Nuxeo ECM, is available as a component of the Nuxeo Connect subscription service. Nuxeo Studio is available as a web-based administrative tool for Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (Nuxeo EP) and packaged applications such as Nuxeo Document Management (Nuxeo DM) or Nuxeo Digital Asset Management (Nuxeo DAM). With a graphical interface, Nuxeo Studio enables information architects and business analysts to configure both Nuxeo EP and Nuxeo DM to adapt to their organization’s requirements. Nuxeo Connect is the comprehensive subscription offering delivering software maintenance and support for Nuxeo ECM. In addition to Nuxeo Studio, Nuxeo Connect customers have access to other premium tools and support packages. The support packages target developers and operations, tiered by Silver, Gold, or Platinum service level agreements.

Alfresco Community License Shifts to LGPL

Alfresco announced they will be changing from the GPL license to a LGPL license for Alfresco Community. While GPL is the most common open source license in use today, Alfresco feels that an LGPL license will best suit their plans for their software platform moving forward. One of the key differences between LGPL and the current GPL is that after linking to the Alfresco software, it will not affect the status license of the proprietary software linking to it. The license change will be incorporated into the next update to Alfresco Community, which is due for release in March.


TERMINALFOUR Releases Site Manager 7.0

TERMINALFOUR launched the latest release of Site Manager 7.0, a new edition of its web content management system (WCM). This release includes changes in ease-of-use, multilingual, intuitiveness, integration with external systems and the availability on major platforms and web browsers. Site Manager 7.0 introduces web technologies allowing content contributors to publish and share documents, photos and video stored in other third party systems. It complies with Accessibility Guidelines and total internet browser guidelines. The existing user interface has been enhanced by including Ajax functionality. While some of the improvements are visible, there are also hundreds of very minor improvements to menu structures, labels and features based entirely on client feedback and the user testing process. Significant enhancements have been made to its media library, SEO checking, accessibility checking, support for third party security plug-ins, shared folders via the WebDav protocol and multi-lingual capabilities. The solution should now allow for all or part of the content repository and media library within Site Manager, based on security rights and roles, to be exposed to users a type of file server. This allows users to publish content by saving from common desktop applications using the standard “save as” function. Large volumes of content, such as a library of photos or videos, can be published using standard Windows/Apple copy or move functionality. For Web Developers all key assets such as web site style sheets, images, JavaScript files can also be shared using this feature so developers can make updates directly from products such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop or Microsoft Visual Studio. TERMINALFOUR Site Manager’s in-context editor “Direct Edit”, which allows occasional users to visually make changes to content has been completely redeveloped from the ground up. TERMINALFOUR Site Manager allows users to select documents, content, photos or even video from third party Document Management and Digital Asset Management systems such as Microsoft Sharepoint, EMC Documentum, Alfresco, and Opentext Livelink.

Hippo Complements Apache Jetspeed 2.2

Hippo, developer of web-based, open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Portal software, has launched a full product and support offering around the latest version of Apache Jetspeed, version 2.2 released on May 28th, supporting the Portal 2.0 specification. Hippo’s developers, with ten officially recognized committers already noted for their commitment to a range of The Apache Software Foundation’s projects, have contributed to the community effort to develop Jetspeed 2.2. Hippo’s close involvement in the Jetspeed community enables it to bring training, consulting and 24×7 support for the new version straight to the market, and to offer Jetspeed 1.x and 2.1 users an upgrade package and full support. Jetspeed is an open source Enterprise Information Portal using Java and XML to collect and present information from multiple sources via an intuitive and user-friendly interface. As a product of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), one of the open source organizations dedicated to collaborative software development, Jetspeed is available for free under the business-friendly Apache License. Hippo’s own product range features full integration with Jetspeed 2.2, including Hippo CMS 7, the Hippo Site Toolkit and the integrated ECM suite. Its products provide organizations with solutions for content management and online collaboration. The new release, combined with Jetspeed’s track record of performance, stability and its unmatched support for open standards, is an ideal fit for the highly scalable collaborative intranet and web architectures built on Hippo’s products.

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