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IXIASOFT and Precision Content partner

IXIASOFT, a DITA CCMS software company, and Precision Content, a provider of structured authoring and content management expertise announce partnership to help customers with the required support to identify, understand, and effectively address their content challenges. IXIASOFT’s newly formed alliance with Precision Content creates new capabilities to benefit from microcontent structures by linking a standardized content authoring methodology with the IXIASOFT CCMS software. Precision Content’s team of technical communication professionals focuses on reengineering how content is authored to help businesses implement innovative, scalable, and sustainable solutions to plan, author, and publish high-value content.,

IXIASOFT Announces Partnership with XML-INTL

IXIASOFT has announced a strategic technology partnership with XML-INTL. By integrating the IXIASOFT DITA CMS with the XML-INTL XTM Suite, IXIASOFT customers should benefit from a fully integrated translation management suite which should further enhance their control over the localization process. The DITA CMS is a content management system aimed at technical communicators for the authoring, management and publishing of DITA-based technical documentation. XML-INTL is the developer of the XMT Suite, set of tools for translation. The integration between the two offerings allow users to move their content from the CMS to the translation management tools and have access to updated localized content.

IXIASOFT Announces OEM agreement with 3Squared

IXIASOFT announced an OEM partnership with 3Squared, a provider of web content management solutions and consultancy based in the UK. As part of this agreement, 3Squared has developed Arca, a document management solution based on TEXTML Server, IXIASOFT’s XML database. Aimed at organizations looking for a complete document management solution, Arca enables management for growing enterprise content. Arca features complete document and content management capabilities providing users with a collaborative solution allowing them to better control their content, store and retrieve documents and manage and compare versions. By selecting TEXTML Server as the main repository for their content management offering, 3Squared was able to quickly develop and go to market with its solution.,

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