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Autonomy Delivers Cloud-Based Web Content Compliance Solution

Autonomy Corporation plc (LSE: AU.) announced a new solution that allows businesses to automatically record and archive dynamic website content. Designed to address the complex regulatory requirements for businesses presenting dynamic content on the web, the solution combines Autonomy Digital Safe with Interwoven TeamSite to form an offering for including web content in a comprehensive compliance policy. Autonomy leverages the capabilities of its Digital Safe Archive and TeamSite web content management solution to provide an automated, secure, and scalable solution that helps businesses meet the compliance requirements of the modern web. For example, an insurance company can now produce a record of the exact premiums it offered online to a particular segment of customers during a marketing campaign conducted several months ago. Digital Safe is a hosted archive service that enables customers to outsource the storage and management of email messages, rich-media files, audio files, instant messages, and all forms of web content. TeamSite’s web versioning capabilities enable businesses to capture snapshots of content delivered to customers at exact points in time, including rolling back to content delivered several months or years ago. This information can now be ingested and indexed by Digital Safe to help organizations meet strict eDiscovery and audit compliance requirements, including COBS 11.8 (Conduct of Business), SEC/FINRA regulations, and the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act. This solution is available now.

Churning in the Search Sector – Two BIG Events in One Week

Analysts having been projecting major consolidation in the enterprise search marketplace for a couple of years. What is interesting to me is how slowly this is evolving. For every merger or acquisition, whether small or large (acquisition of Mondosoft by SurfRay or FAST by Microsoft), other companies emerge or evolve with diverse and potentially competitive technologies (e.g. Attivio, Connotate, Expert System, EyeAlike, Truevert, Temis).

We have seen companies like Exalead, ISYS, and Vivisimo gain on former leaders. Microsoft is often listed as an industry leader because it acquired former leader FAST while companies with solid products for verticals, like Recommind in law and financial services, are often overlooked because they lack the total company revenues of a Microsoft that sells a lot more software than enterprise search.

This past week two industry news items caused me to reflect on the potential impact of announcements that, while not surprising, can upset the plans of buyers of search technology. The first was the announcement that Autonomy is planning to procure Interwoven. That Interwoven is being acquired is no surprise, since the company was being groomed for acquisition. However, this appears to be the first instance of a “search” company acquiring a “content management/document management” company. The norm has been that search companies get bought to fill a need by ECM or CMS vendors. For anyone planning to procure Interwoven because of its embedded Vivisimo Velocity for Universal search in its Worksite product, this does put a wrinkle in the fabric. What a shame because it is going to be a while before the actual impact is really known and could slow sales. The cost to buyers having to accept Autonomy’s IDOL instead of Velocity could be significant. The effect could be on both licensing and deployment because Velocity has been an efficient install for most enterprises. Autonomy has got a big ramp up to shift from being a search company to becoming an ECM supplier and some will take a wait and see attitude, regardless of the Idol reputation.

The second big announcement, of course, is the departure from Microsoft of John Marcus Lervik, a co-founder of FAST and recently named Executive VP in a newly created position for Enterprise Search at Microsoft. I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty about the reasons elsewhere. However, the difficulty for those buyers who are depending on FAST‘s search technology to be integrated sooner rather than later in Microsoft‘s offerings has just been made more complicated as one of the original leaders of FAST is leaving the team.

Two years ago I commented to FAST executives about the need for vendors on a rapid growth path to make the buying, business and support experience for customers a priority, beyond technology enhancements; so, I take little consolation in seeing this turmoil. If you are a buyer, take a good hard look behind the technology to see what else you will be dealing with as you make plans to acquire software.

Interwoven Announces Availability of Interwoven Optimost in Asia-Pacific

Interwoven, Inc, announced that it is now offering the recently acquired Optimost real-time multivariable testing and Website optimization capabilities to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. The Interwoven Optimost Website optimization solution allows online marketers to get more from their existing customer acquisition and Website investments by maximizing online conversion rates. The solution identifies the most compelling combination of Web content and design by exposing different combinations of online content elements to different visitors and then measuring visitors’ actions. As part of this announcement, Interwoven also will be growing its network of Interwoven Optimost service specialists, and will be expanding its Interwoven Optimost certification process to APAC interactive marketing firms.

Interwoven Announces Content Optimization Solutions for Global Enterprises

Interwoven, Inc. (NASDAQ:IWOV) announced a series of new solutions to help organizations turn content into an asset for improving customer relationships and driving top-line revenue growth. The portfolio includes Interwoven Segmentation and Analytics, a new solution for increasing the conversion of prospects to customers across online channels; Interwoven Collaborative Document Management, an enhanced solution for improving enterprise collaboration of document-intensive business processes; and Interwoven Brand Management and Interwoven Multi-Channel Delivery. The Interwoven Segmentation and Analytics solution includes Interwoven Targeting, a new product that provides online customer segmentation and a dynamic content-targeting rules engine. In conjunction with this announcement, Interwoven has partnered with WebSideStory, to integrate and resell WebSideStory’s HBX and Visual Sciences analytics products as part of the Segmentation and Analytics solution. Interwoven WorkSite MP 5.0, provides users with enhanced search capabilities and a richer user experience using Ajax and other new Web-based technologies and services. WorkSite MP 5.0 also includes capabilities for facilitating eDiscovery and email management, and improved language support including double-byte support. An upcoming release to MediaBin, Interwoven’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) product, will bring numerous performance, usability, and compatibility enhancements, including new Digital Camera Raw file support and 2D and 3D CAD file support. The Interwoven Segmentation and Analytics solution, Interwoven Targeting, and the Interwoven Collaborative Document Management solution will be generally available later this month. The Interwoven Brand Management and Interwoven Multi-Channel Delivery solutions will be generally available in the first half of 2007.

Interwoven & Bowstreet Team to Manage Custom Content

Bowstreet Interwoven Inc. announced a co-marketing, co-selling and product integration alliance. This alliance is designed to enable businesses to manage and deploy custom content across XML-based “business webs,” including B2B marketplaces and portals. Interwoven TeamSite content management software allows both technical and non-technical contributors to develop and test web content prior to publishing, and to integrate and web-enable content from disparate sources including database data, word-processing documents and presentations. The Bowstreet Business Web Factory allows non-technical business people to use a graphical point-and-click interface to deploy TeamSite-managed content in customized combinations to an infinite number of customer, partner and supplier sites. This process automates the proliferation of content across business webs of interconnected companies, saving all parties the time and expense of hard-coding customization features into each partner web site.,

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