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FatWire Unveils Web Experience Management Framework

FatWire Software announced the early-access release of its Web Experience Management Framework. The new framework delivers a set of components that enable integration of third-party and custom-built applications into the FatWire WEM product suite. Organizations can have an expanded set of web applications and functions operating as a unified interactive business platform. Several FatWire partners, including Mahindra Satyam, Congruent, frevvo, and Element 115, have already leveraged the WEM Framework. The WEM Framework provides: Common user interface framework – A single user interface provides unified management across FatWire applications and integrated third-party applications, giving users seamless access to the capabilities they need to manage their web presence; Centralized user and role management – Single sign-on enables users to login in once and navigate among WEM and partner applications while maintaining appropriate access privileges and capabilities; Centralized administration – This functionality enables centralized management of users, roles, site and applications. These policies automatically apply across all FatWire and third-party integrated solutions; REST API: This API enables turnkey repository connectivity for third-party applications, so they can access and run on FatWire-managed content.

FatWire Unveils Integration with Google Analytics

FatWire Software announced that its FatWire Content Server fully integrates with Google Analytics to help customers measure and track the success of their FatWire websites. FatWire customers can download the integration module free of charge from FatWire to automatically generate Google tags and feed data directly into Google, for out-of-the-box monitoring and reporting. The integration will enable FatWire customers to use Google’s free analytics package to measure and optimize online content and campaigns, providing a better understanding of website effectiveness, including traffic, usage patterns and visitor behavior. The FatWire Analytics module, which is natively integrated with Content Server, provides granular tracking of content assets for specific customer segments and across dynamic, targeted web pages, enabling optimization of content on a granular level. Google Analytics provides complementary capabilities for tracking and measuring website and user behavior at a site and page level. With this packaged integration, customers can now combine FatWire’s platform with Google Analytics, thus providing a combination of page, behavior and granular content analytics.

FatWire Acquires Future Tense Solutions

FatWire Software announced that it has acquired Future Tense Solutions, its Australian-based reseller. Prior to the close of the acquisition, Future Tense had exclusive rights to sell and distribute FatWire products throughout Australia and New Zealand. With this acquisition, FatWire gains a presence and direct access to customers in the region. Nigel Trinca, managing director of Future Tense, assumes the role of vice president of FatWire Australia and Future Tense co-founder, Bill Prescott, also joins the company. Future Tense Solutions was founded by a team of former Open Market colleagues who worked with FatWire’s product, Content Server.

FatWire Releases Content Server 7

FatWire Software announced the general availability of FatWire Content Server 7, the latest release of its Web Content Management platform. Content Server now has three interfaces that are designed to accommodate the different usage patterns and types of users in an organization. The Insite interface is streamlined for use by anyone who wants to manage content and page layout from within the actual pages of the site. In this WYSIWYG environment, users can add/remove/re-sequence content on a page, preview content changes, drag and drop page components, and invoke workflow processes. The Dash interface is designed for the frequent business user who wants streamlined access to the content tasks performed every day. Users can create, compare and translate content for different locales and languages. Enhanced full-text search across all types of content makes it easier to find content that already exists. The Advanced interface for power users and developers should be familiar to anyone who has used the software application. Content Server 7 includes support for tags. Tags are user defined, so each user can choose tags that make sense to them. The same tag can be applied to different types of content, allowing you to group content any way you want, such as by campaign, project, or day of the week. Multilingual support is built directly into the data model, so that any content can be translated into multiple languages. Content Server 7 now has enhanced full-text search. FatWire Content Server 7 is available immediately.

Relevant Content and the Online Experience, Part 2

On February 1, FatWire hosts the second in a series of web seminars on enhancing online experiences with relevant content. Gilbane Group will once again participate in a lively discussion of a topic that will be top-of-mind for many organizations in 2007.
At the upcoming webinar, attendees will learn a few simple techniques for quick, easy experiments that illustrate the value of delivering content that’s relevant to specific audiences.

The idea for the February topic came from one of the polling questions that we asked during the first seminar in October:

What is your biggest obstacle to delivering a more relevant online experience?

The number one response (41% of attendees) was

We don’t have enough information about the needs and behaviors of our customers.

The next webinar in the series is designed to address this issue.

The webinar will also report the results of an online survey on the current state of customer experience practice, business goals and metrics, and factors influencing satisfaction with web interactions. Interested parties can take the survey here. FatWire is offering incentives for participating.

Details about registration for the February 1 webinar will be posted soon.
View the October 12 webinar on content relevancy and online channels in the FatWire archive.

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