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eZ Systems Releases Extensions for eZ Publish 4.2

eZ Systems announced the immediate release of extensions for eZ Publish 4.2. eZ Publish Style Editor is a brand new extension providing a tool to change the overall look and feel of an eZ Publish-based website. Webmasters are able to switch in a ‘visual edit‘ mode while managing sites featuring eZ Flow or the eZ Publish Website Interface. The visual edit mode provides a user interface for managing the look and feel of a site’s pages by editing the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and Images used by the site. This extension is immediately available as certified software, and supported as an add-on to ez Publish Premium. The eZ XML export extension helps you manage the content you provide to 3rd-party content platforms. It gives you control over which content is exported, the XML export format with support for XML Schema (XSD) and XSLT post-processing, and a configurable set of delivery options in order to industrialize and automatize the content delivery. This extension is also immediately available as certified software, and supported as an add-on to ez Publish Premium. Teamroom is a collaboration solution based on eZ Publish. Make your team members’ lives easier with simple management of teamroom members, information sharing, an open collaboration workflow, event and team document management, and confidentiality levels for your teamrooms. Teamroom is packaged as an extension, and available as a beta in the contribution area for eZ Publish extensions. Teamroom will have an official release in conjunction with the 4.3 release of eZ Publish.

eZ Systems Releases Apache Solr-based Open Source Enterprise Search Solution eZ Find 2.0

eZ Systems released Apache Solr-based Open Source Enterprise Search solution. eZ Find 2.0, the Open Source search extension for eZ Publish, has a number of new features such as: tuning of relevance rankings, facets for drill-down search result navigation, and spell checking and suggestions on search phrases. eZ Find already included features such as relevance ranking, native support for eZ Publish access rights, keyword highlighting, sophisticated multi-language support, and the ability to search multiple sites containing millions of objects. eZ Find 2.0 is compatible with eZ Publish 4.0 and the upcoming eZ Publish 4.1. eZ Find is free to download and install on eZ Publish sites. It is also a certified extension supported under eZ Publish Premium support and maintenance agreements.

eZ Systems Updates eZ Components

eZ Systems announced the release of eZ Components version 2008.2. This is the seventh major version of eZ Components, which is a general-purpose PHP library of over 40 components used independently or together for PHP application development. The latest versions of eZ Publish are also based on eZ Components. With eZ Components, developers can concentrate on solving customer-specific needs. The eZ Components tool set provides key application functionality, such as caching, authentication, database interaction, templates, graphs, and much more. Main improvements in this release include more features for the Document and Webdav components. The Document component, which enables you to convert documents between different formats, was already able to convert ReST to XTHML and DocBook. In this release, more formats are implemented, such as three different wiki formats (Confluence, Creole and DokuWiki), the eZ Publish XML formats, as well as reading XHTML and writing ReST. The wiki parser can easily be extended for other wiki formats. The Webdav component now supports authentication and authorization, as well as support for integrating authentication mechanisms into existing systems. In addition, it supports shared and exclusive write locks, even with custom storage back-ends. The main new development of the eZ Components 2008.2 release is the MvcTools component. The MvcTools component implements the tools for a framework. Instead of dedicating the structure of the application, it provides a dispatcher, two request parsers (one for HTTP and one for email messages through the existing Mail component), two routing methods, two view handlers (one through plain PHP scripts and one through the Template component), and a response writer for HTTP.

eZ Systems Launches Mac OS X Server and iPhone Support for eZ Publish

eZ Systems announced support for eZ Publish running on Mac OS X Server v10.5 Leopard. In addition, eZ showed eZ Flow, a new extension for eZ Publish designed for media companies who need to build complex page layouts and pre-plan publication schedules to ensure a constant flow of rich content. Among other features, eZ Flow supports delivery of content to Apple iPhones. With support for the Mac OS X Server (which recently attained UNIX 03 certification), eZ Publish enhances the platform by providing an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System that enables organizations to create websites, intranets and extranets. Because content presentation is based on a template system, eZ Publish (and eZ Flow) can serve tailored content to mobile devices by using a template tuned for the devices’ display. For example, a template customized for Apple iPhones tunes the display of content to the iPhone display size and iPhone-specific user interface elements.

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