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Ephox Acquires WebRadar

Ephox announced it has acquired the WebRadar product line from Web Presence Architects, a web strategy consulting firm. With WebRadar, Ephox has a web content intelligence system that provides content administrators and project managers with a way to proactively monitor and manage their existing WCM solutions. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. WebRadar helps web content administrators and project managers identify, fix, and monitor problems with WCM content and processes. For example, WebRadar can determine where the bottlenecks are in a particular process, which pages are expiring within a set timeframe, which content authors are actively using the system, and which pages are assigned to specific team members. Reports can be easily produced to analyze workflow processes, content items, and content author adoption of the WCM. Charts provide at-a-glance insights into WCM processes. The WebRadar product line will be integrated into Ephox’s suite of solutions over the course of Q1, 2010.,

Ephox Updates EditLive! Content Authoring Software

Ephox announced the latest version of the company’s rich text editor, EditLive! V7. Integrated with IBM Lotus Web Content Management and IBM Lotus Quickr software, EditLive! allows business users to create content in a desktop word processing environment. With new features to increase user productivity, team collaboration and web site quality, EditLive! V7 is designed to help non-technical users keep company web sites, blogs and wikis up-to-date with relevant online content. EditLive! V7 supports Autosave to preserve content, even if the web browser crashes, or the server session times out. V7 also includes templating functionality, giving content administrators the ability to create reusable content templates for consistent web site styles and standards that can be employed by business users. The HTML editor also improves collaboration for online documents with new context-based commenting capabilities, in which users can comment directly on any text or object in a document and track conversations related to specific comments. For increased quality of content in web sites and wikis, EditLive! adds broken hyperlink reporting. The new version of EditLive! includes enhanced integration with IBM Lotus Web Content Management and now deploys as an application in the portal environment. In addition, performance improvements  have been achieved through a series of optimizations to caching, configuration and compression mechanisms. In addition to new functionality in EditLive!, the OEM version now includes several features that were previously only available in the Enterprise Edition. These capabilities include Auto-Correct for automatically correcting spelling errors, the ability to import Word documents, and Thesaurus. EditLive! 7 is available immediately in OEM, Professional and Enterprise Editions.

Ephox Announces EditLive! 6.7

Ephox announced the latest release of its online rich text editor, EditLive! 6.7. Included in the new version are multiple features to help website authors easily create accessible web content. With EditLive!’s built-in accessibility checking tools, users get detailed analysis of content errors based on the latest standards of the US Rehabilitation Act Section 508 and the W3C. The latest version of EditLive! includes accessibility check as-you-type functionality and makes compliance with web standards as easy as spell-checking a document. Business users receive immediate, visual feedback when they create non-compliant content and are then directed to resources that will help resolve the errors. In addition to the accessibility tools, some of the new features in EditLive! 6.7 include a broken hyperlink report and the ability to open Microsoft Word documents directly within EditLive!. All of the features in the latest release are included in the EditLive! Enterprise Edition which contains advanced productivity, multimedia and collaboration tools like an inline image editor, track changes, thesaurus, and auto-correct.

Ephox Brings Online Content Authoring to IBM Lotus Quickr

Ephox announced the release of a new integration of its rich text editor into IBM’s Lotus Quickr. Lotus Quickr is team collaboration software that helps enterprises share content, collaborate and work faster online. It goes beyond traditional document sharing by adding web-based collaboration with wikis, blogs and team web pages. EditLive! addresses this need with a Word-like authoring experience. It also offers capabilities for image editing, track changes, table editing and accessibility checking. EditLive! integrations for the WebSphere Portal and the Lotus Domino versions of Quickr are available now. The integration for the Quickr Domino platform was co-developed by the PSC Group, a Lotus consulting firm.

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