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Endeca Now Integrates Hadoop

Endeca Technologies, Inc., an agile information management software company, announced native integration of Endeca Latitude with Apache Hadoop. Endeca Latitude, based on the Endeca MDEX hybrid search-analytical database, is uniquely suited to unlock the power of Apache Hadoop. Apache Hadoop is strong at manipulating semi-structured data, which is a challenge for traditional relational databases. This combination provides flexibility and agility in combining diverse and changing data, and performance in analyzing that data. Enabling Agile BI requires a complete data-driven solution that unites integration, exploration and analysis from source data through end-user access that can adapt to changing data, changing data sources, and changing user needs. Solutions that require extensive pre-knowledge of data models and end-user needs fail to meet the agility requirement. The united Endeca Latitude and Apache Hadoop solution minimizes data modeling, cleansing, and conforming of data prior to unlocking the value of Big Data for end-users. http://www.endeca.com/ http://hadoop.apache.org/

MarketLive and Endeca Partner

MarketLive, Inc. announced that it has teamed with Endeca to introduce new MarketLive Intelligent Site Search and Navigation. Designed for online retailers, MarketLive Intelligent Site Search and Navigation includes search, Guided Navigation and Dynamic Merchandising capabilities powered by Endeca and will be offered as a component of the MarketLive E-commerce Platform. MarketLive Intelligent Site Search will be generally available to new and existing MarketLive v5 customers in Q1 2007. http://www.endeca.com, http://www.marketlive.com