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Vook Announces MotherVook 1.0 and New Partnership

Vook announced the creation of MotherVook 1.0, a technology tool to provide a streamlined system for creating multi-media e-books, as well as an exclusive partnership with online video marketing services company, TurnHere. Vook‘s publishing tool and increased video capacity through its partnership with TurnHere should give it better capability to meet the production needs of the digital publishing industry and produce many new titles in the coming year. An obstacle to this point in producing a multimedia ebook has been finding an effective system to assist in creating these new content mediums. The MotherVook 1.0 tool addresses this need by providing a system that can scale to production needs for multi-media e-books from multiple publishers and partners. Vook‘s partnership with TurnHere will provide the company with a significant video capacity, which they view as a key element to the multi-media e-book experience. TurnHere’s network of more than 12,000 professional filmmakers across more than 70 countries produces online video content for companies. Feature highlights of the MotherVook 1.0 tool include: Central database management of all of the multi-media elements in a multimedia ebook including the text, jacket, e-commerce, pricing, video, links and images; Production of single XML doc that feeds across different devices and auto-formats; Streamlined text (epub) or word importing; Instant preview with partners, publishers, filmmakers and authors; Simple insert of assets to edit, preview and create vook to the web version, iphone and other devices; and the capacity to create multiple titles for the web version and preview mode.

Plastic Logic Introduces the QUE proReader

Plastic Logic unveiled QUE (pronounced “Q”). More than an eReader, QUE is designed specifically to provide a premium reading experience and access to content anywhere anytime, while simplifying the multi-faceted lifestyle of business professionals. QUE was designed to have the benefits of paper, but without the weight and clutter. Just like paper, QUE is easy to hold and feels good in your hands. But it’s easier to search and find what you’re looking for. The size of a pad of paper, about 1/3 inch thick, and weighing less than many periodicals (about a pound), QUE features a 10.7-inch shatterproof plastic display. In addition to business and professional newspapers, periodicals and eBooks, QUE supports reading and annotating document formats business users need (including PDF, Microsoft Office, ePub documents and more). With the QUE software, you can convert and transfer content from your PC, Mac computer, or BlackBerry smartphone to your QUE. QUE has integrated reviewing tools. Add a note and use the virtual keyboard to include your comments, highlight text, scribble free form, and even add a stamp to emphasize a point. The QUE Store offers a collection of reading material especially geared to the business professional. QUE users will be able to connect to fresh content on-the-go, on the QUE Store: to search, purchase and download wirelessly via Wi-Fi and AT&T’s 3G network. Plastic Logic also announced new partnerships, including the Down Jones company and the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and All Things Digital, Forbes and Fast Company, Sporting News and major regional newspapers, including the Sacramento Bee, Miami Herald, and San Jose Mercury News. These publications join previously announced strategic partnerships with Financial Times, USA Today, the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News, MIT Technology Review, Popular Science, and IDG publication titles including CIO, Network World, and Computerworld. Publications on the QUE Store are available ranging from one-time use to ongoing subscriptions. The price for QUE will range from $649.00 for the 4GB QUE model with WiFi that holds up to 35,000 documents, to $799.00 for the 8GB QUE model with WiFi and 3G that holds up to 75,000 documents. Preorders for the QUE proReader may be placed at the QUE Store. Beginning in mid-April 2010, QUE will be available for shipping. Later in 2010, QUE will be available through the Barnes & Noble stores nationwide and online at Barnes &,

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