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Documents are dead – or not

Last night I somehow stumbled on a link to the March 19, 1998 issue of David Weinberger‘s JOHO (Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization), where David posits The Death of Documents and the End of Doneness – because of the Web of course – and I disagree that documents are dead. David and I are old friends and I am sure we each had more to say to each other on this topic, but I can’t remember if he ever accepted my corrections to his obviously misguided position, whether he just decided to spare me the embarrassment of pointing out gaping inconsistencies in my argument and gloat privately, or whether we figured out a weaselly way to agree. I have a vague memory of the latter – perhaps in an AIIM publication?

In any case, I was gratified to find that I still agree with my 1998-self, and will check with David to see whether he is the same self he was. You can reach your own conclusions and also have a fun read (if you don’t know him, David is very funny) at

See David’s response at

Aha! We now agree and in a non-squirrely way. You didn’t have to say you were wrong, now I am going to have to admit the same when it’s my turn. 🙁 …Besides, you were only a little wrong…

SpringCM Extends Collaboration Capabilities of Web-Based Content Management Solution

SpringCM announced the availability of SpringCM Version 3.7 which incorporates more integrated collaboration, meeting, routing and transfer capabilities. Users access SpringCM through a Web interface, and use the system to automate work order and invoicing processes, improve access to data and documents, and streamline workflow. The new features in SpringCM Version 3.7 include the following, and are available to current subscribers at no additional cost: Web Publishing Tools – Direct access to public folders enhances Web publishing capabilities; Addressable Fax & E-Mail Folders – Policies and rules associated with the folders allow for the direct submission and processing of incoming documents, such as invoices, expense reports, credentialing documents and contracts; Roles and Permissions – New permissions and metadata capabilities provide more flexibility and security in controlling who has authority to access documents and when; WebDAV Support – Technology enables dragging and dropping of documents to transfer them to specific locations; Web Services for Workflow – Web services provide integrated access to workflow system information; Editing Enhancements – New tools enable quick document markup and editing capabilities. The new version of SpringCM is available now.

Interwoven Announces Content Optimization Solutions for Global Enterprises

Interwoven, Inc. (NASDAQ:IWOV) announced a series of new solutions to help organizations turn content into an asset for improving customer relationships and driving top-line revenue growth. The portfolio includes Interwoven Segmentation and Analytics, a new solution for increasing the conversion of prospects to customers across online channels; Interwoven Collaborative Document Management, an enhanced solution for improving enterprise collaboration of document-intensive business processes; and Interwoven Brand Management and Interwoven Multi-Channel Delivery. The Interwoven Segmentation and Analytics solution includes Interwoven Targeting, a new product that provides online customer segmentation and a dynamic content-targeting rules engine. In conjunction with this announcement, Interwoven has partnered with WebSideStory, to integrate and resell WebSideStory’s HBX and Visual Sciences analytics products as part of the Segmentation and Analytics solution. Interwoven WorkSite MP 5.0, provides users with enhanced search capabilities and a richer user experience using Ajax and other new Web-based technologies and services. WorkSite MP 5.0 also includes capabilities for facilitating eDiscovery and email management, and improved language support including double-byte support. An upcoming release to MediaBin, Interwoven’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) product, will bring numerous performance, usability, and compatibility enhancements, including new Digital Camera Raw file support and 2D and 3D CAD file support. The Interwoven Segmentation and Analytics solution, Interwoven Targeting, and the Interwoven Collaborative Document Management solution will be generally available later this month. The Interwoven Brand Management and Interwoven Multi-Channel Delivery solutions will be generally available in the first half of 2007.

IXIASOFT Announces OEM agreement with 3Squared

IXIASOFT announced an OEM partnership with 3Squared, a provider of web content management solutions and consultancy based in the UK. As part of this agreement, 3Squared has developed Arca, a document management solution based on TEXTML Server, IXIASOFT’s XML database. Aimed at organizations looking for a complete document management solution, Arca enables management for growing enterprise content. Arca features complete document and content management capabilities providing users with a collaborative solution allowing them to better control their content, store and retrieve documents and manage and compare versions. By selecting TEXTML Server as the main repository for their content management offering, 3Squared was able to quickly develop and go to market with its solution.,

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