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Gilbane Advisor 11-20-19 — content value, enterprise search, EU, GOOG, FB

Content accounting: calculating value of content in the enterprise

Sarah O’Keefe provides a guide for measuring the business value of content for companies of all sizes. Helpful for content professionals, project managers, and senior management. Includes a sample P&L and balance sheet. Justify your project. Read More

content balance sheet

Content management on intranets: centralized, distributed, and hybrid models

This will be basic for many of you but is a clear and accessible description of the differences and the pros and cons of each model to share with non-specialist or non-technical colleagues. Read More

Google vs EU pubs and Facebook’s new trick

Frederic Filloux looks at the state of the complicated dance among EU publishers, Google, and Facebook in light of the recent announcements and motivations of each of them, and some research on news search behavior. A good read. Read More

The key to millions: enterprise search?

Steve Arnold dishes out a dose of reality in his inimitable slightly snarky way on the realities of the enterprise search market. Read More


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Building a modern digital membership organization

Gilbane’s Digital Experience Conference

Washington DC April 28 – 29, Workshops May 1

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Jay Brodsky is a senior executive equally versed in business and technology, who has been through multiple digital transformations. This is just the type of person you want for a large-scale digital transformation initiative, and he must like them because he recently signed up to take on another at the American Geophysical Union. Learn what Jay and AGU are thinking and planning for their modern digital membership organization.

B201. Building a modern digital membership organization

American Geophysical Union (AGU), a global scientific association promoting discovery in Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity, is on a 3-year path to implement a modern, flexible digital framework supporting its efforts. AGU’s vision to “galvanize the collaborative work of their members and communicate their work and its power to ensure a sustainable future” is empowered by digital tools. But key to this transformation is the adoption of a new culture and operating model for AGU to become a “platform for science,” delivering services wherever discovery and connections take place. AGU is rethinking the experience of its 25,000-person annual conference; building new ways to interact with the content of 20 peer-reviewed journals, a science magazine, and numerous books; fostering collaboration and dialogue; and doing all of this with the highest ethical standards and an eye to diversity and inclusion. This presentation speaks to this journey, discussing some of the parallels between our digital transformation and that of others adopting membership-based models to replace their traditional, subscription-oriented businesses, and addressing to the challenges faced along this path.

Tuesday, April 30: 10:45 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Jay Brodsky


Jay Brodsky
Chief Digital Officer, American Geophysical Union


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