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Blockchain to Bots: a Look at Use Cases

Gilbane Boston 2016

Join us in Boston in November for this featured session and our other 32 conference sessions.

Blockchain to Bots: a Look at Use Cases

New technologies need use cases. First in theory to attract commercial investment, and second in practice to prove their worth. This session includes discussions on the potential of Blockchain for digital asset management, and the use of bots in an intranet application.

Wednesday, November, 30: 11:40 – 12:40 pm

Nicole Dvorak | Gilbane conference
Nicole Dvorak, MBA Candidate, Class of 2018, MIT Sloan School of Management

Rod Collins | Gilbane Conference
Rod Collins, Director of Innovation, Optimity Advisors
Transforming Digital Assets into Digital Agents: New Media Strategies for Hyper-Connected Markets

Mindy Carner | Gilbane Conference
Mindy Carner, Manager, Information Management, Optimity Advisors
Transforming Digital Assets into Digital Agents: New Media Strategies for Hyper-Connected Markets

Henry Amm | Gilbane Conference
Henry Amm, Digital Strategy Consultant, adenin Technologies
Making Intranets Smart: How AI and Bots Allowed Us to Create a Smart Assistant for the Digital Workplace

Gilbane Digital Content Conference
Fairmont Copley Place Hotel, Boston, November 29 – 30, 2016

North Plains Releases New Version of TeleScope Digital Asset Management System

North Plains, LLC announced version 9 of their Digital Asset Management (DAM) system TeleScope, a release focused on helping companies build and manage the digital asset platforms. TeleScope 9 securely connects everyone who needs to work on, distribute, or use digital content no matter where they are. The major enhancements to TeleScope 9 to achieve this include: An HTML5 user interface designed to be easily usable by anyone, at any point in the digital asset lifecycle. Drag and drop of files accessed in TeleScope via a browser directly into desktop applications, simplifying and speeding critical manual editorial or distribution tasks; TeleScope Orchestration, a user-friendly visual workflow engine; Multilingual enhancements to fully support left-to-right and right-to-left language presentations, as well as the ability to see asset metadata in two or more languages side-by-side for international distributed teams. TeleScope is available as either software-as-a-service (SaaS) or installed on premise.

Canto Cumulus 8.1 Available Now

Canto announced the availability of Canto Cumulus 8.1, available free of charge to all customers on active software maintenance contracts with Canto or Canto Certified Partners. Cumulus 8.1 is the product line’s first scheduled upgrade since May’s release of Cumulus 8, which introduced a new core architecture. A new version of the Cumulus Client enables users to work with Cumulus Server-based catalogs, or catalogs created and stored locally for personal use. The metadata of Cumulus Server-based catalogs can be edited offline. Once reconnected to the Cumulus Server, local metadata edits can update the Cumulus Server, or vice versa. Included with Cumulus Workgroup, Enterprise and Complete systems, the new Cumulus Web Client helps users connect to Cumulus via Web browsers to find and download assets, edit metadata and upload new assets. The statistics and usage tracking introduced with Cumulus 8 includes new reporting options that include new report types and PDF output options.

Canto Announces Cumulus 7.5.3 Product Line Tune-Up

Canto announced the immediate availability of Cumulus 7.5.3, a minor update that improves the performance and reliability of the entire Cumulus product line. The company says that Cumulus 7.5.3 is running on the recently released Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista, and OS X Leopard performance and reliability continues to be stable since the release of version 7.5.2, though a handful of improvements have been made to support Apple’s latest OS even better. Canto recommends all customers upgrade to Cumulus 7.5.3, regardless of operating system, to benefit from global fixes and improvements. Customers on active service agreements can download the update free of charge from Canto’s Customer Portal. The Cumulus product line was last updated in December, 2007, with the release of Cumulus 7.5.2. http:/

Content Technology Works! — DAM’s Role in Brand Management

Simple truth: there’s no better way to judge the effectiveness of content technologies than by listening to the people that implement them.

When I transitioned from the corporate to the analyst world, I was determined not to fall into the “continental divide” that often disconnects pundits from practitioners. I’ve found that authoring case studies is one of the best ways to avoid the abyss. The process is rewarding in many ways, but the most profound is the ability to connect the dots between the potential impact of content technologies and real-world results.

Another simple truth? Content technology works. CTW’s newest case study on Whirlpool Corporation’s implementation of digital asset management is proof positive. The story describes the journey from departmental DAM to an enterprise brand management infrastructure as told by Whirlpool’s Creative Works organization. Their successes are admirable; their experiences are best practices material; their candor provides vital advice for content technology adopters.

Although I am certainly biased, this case study is well worth the read. Check it Out!

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