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Gilbane’s Digital Experience Conference call for speakers is now open

We love Boston, but it’s been awhile since we’ve had an event in DC and we miss it. We’ll be at the Renaissance Washington DC hotel with three especially relevant special events to partner with. The conference is April 29 – 30, 2019, followed by workshops on May 1. It may seem a long way away, but it’s never too early submit your proposal!

Gilbane Digital Experience Conference 2019To submit a speaking proposal, please review the track descriptions below and submit your proposal. Additionally, answers to the most common questions about speaking at the Digital Experience Conference can be found in the Speaker Guidelines. If you have questions not answered in the guidelines email us at speaking@gilbane.com.

We are especially interested in hearing from organizations that have implemented or are planning on adopting, new technologies or practices in support of digital experience strategies or digital transformation initiatives.

Main Conference Tracks

The conference tracks are organized primarily by role/function as described below. We encourage proposals on all relevant topics.

Digital Experience Technologies for Customers and the Workplace

Focused on what you need to know about evolving, and potentially disrupting, content and digital experience technologies for marketing and the workplace. We’ll be looking at what web and data analysis technologies are effective today. We’ll also examine what is practical and should be considered today or in the near future regarding deep learning, AR, and blockchain applications.

Designed for technology strategists and executives focused on near-term and future software for creating, analyzing, managing, and delivering compelling digital experiences across platforms, channels, and form factors. 

Digital Experience Practices for Customers and the Workplace

Focused on how to overcome challenges and implement successful digital experience strategies and practices to reach, engage, and retain customers, employees, and partners. We’ll be looking at strategies for inter- and intra- departmental collaboration that support customer-facing and internal operations that are a necessary part of the foundation for a consistently high quality digital experience.

Designed for digital transformation leaders, marketing, business, and workplace executives, information managers, content strategists, and UX professionals.

Submit your speaking proposal

The deadline for proposals is October 12 22, 2018.

*Note that we do except late proposals, but the number of speaking slots and topics starts to dwindle after the deadline. If the program is full we will keep your proposal in case of speaker cancellations. Fill out the proposal form.


Gilbane Conference resources and coverage

Gilbane conference logoMisty has been collecting posts about this year’s Gilbane Conference. If you see any we are missing please let us know via comment or email. You can also check tweets at #gilbane, or via Topsy, find conference presentations at http://gilbaneconference.com/Presentations.aspx, and see speaker spotlights.

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FatWire Unveils Web Experience Management Framework

FatWire Software announced the early-access release of its Web Experience Management Framework. The new framework delivers a set of components that enable integration of third-party and custom-built applications into the FatWire WEM product suite. Organizations can have an expanded set of web applications and functions operating as a unified interactive business platform. Several FatWire partners, including Mahindra Satyam, Congruent, frevvo, and Element 115, have already leveraged the WEM Framework. The WEM Framework provides: Common user interface framework – A single user interface provides unified management across FatWire applications and integrated third-party applications, giving users seamless access to the capabilities they need to manage their web presence; Centralized user and role management – Single sign-on enables users to login in once and navigate among WEM and partner applications while maintaining appropriate access privileges and capabilities; Centralized administration – This functionality enables centralized management of users, roles, site and applications. These policies automatically apply across all FatWire and third-party integrated solutions; REST API: This API enables turnkey repository connectivity for third-party applications, so they can access and run on FatWire-managed content. http://www.fatwire.com

Marketbright Uses Social Media in New Offering to Enhance Customer Experience

Marketbright, an on-demand emarketing solution with an integrated web content management platform, launched Brightsite, a new product that uses aspects of social networking to create a stronger bond between sales, marketing and the customer. Brightsite creates the equivalent of a B2B shopping cart for enterprise web sites. Brightsite provides a plug-and-play membership management tool for any enterprise website. Brightsite also provides the customer with a member account page with links to all events and offers they have accessed in the past, their account team, and other account-specific information, creating an easy-to-access history for new team members. Customer members also can invite their colleagues into a private, shared collaborative space. The new, interactive and personalized widgets can be easily introduced into existing web sites. Brightsite also allows greater cooperation between sales and marketing teams, allowing a customer’s microsite to become a branding tool with enhanced collaboration opportunities and fresh content. With Brightsite, the marketing team will be able to blast new content, but it will look customized for the sales person’s named accounts. Sales personnel will be able to review beforehand to ensure appropriateness of offers/content, to block the content, or to put a personalized note and pick and choose which items get forwarded on to their customers. http://www.marketbright.com