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Gilbane Advisor 4-3-20 — WFH, content technology, AGI not

Content and MarTech vendor subway maps

In 2008 Tony Byrne came up with the idea of a “subway map” as a useful and fun way to illustrate the content technology vendor landscape. He has updated the map every year to incorporate the shifting landscape, sprawling growth, adjacent technologies, and of course the renaming and repositioning by vendors and market analysts.  

content technology vendor subway map

In this article, he shares all 12 subway maps and his thoughts on the changes each year. History is always relevant. A good read. Read More

Scroll, Firefox and ad-free news

Though their impact may be small, at least to start, the business model is interesting. Read More

Scroll and Firefox no-ad news

RealWorld framework comparison 

Handy up-to-date info for front-end-developers. Comparing performance, size, and lines of code implementing Conduit. Read More

RealWorld frameworks

The end of Starsky Robotics

This is a cautionary tale of what can happen when an enthusiastic founder and hungry investors crank each other up without guarding against mutually assured destructive confirmation bias, and don’t do enough serious due diligence. This scenario is unfortunately common, though often with enough funding/time/expert support a pivot or two can prevent disaster.

In this particular case, the problem was a naive expectation of what machine learning could, or would soon be able to, accomplish. Even the possibility of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is controversial among experts in the field. I only share this because Starsky’s founder and CEO Stefan Seltz-Axmacher had the courage to publish it. Kudos to him for sharing what happened, and providing enough detail for a valuable case study for entrepreneurship programs. Read More


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Gilbane post-conference workshops

Gilbane Boston 2016

ConferenceNovember 29 – 30 and WorkshopsDecember 1
Boston Fairmont Copley Plaza

Join our highly-respected international experts for a deep dive following our two-day conference. Register and save your seat today!

Thursday, December 1: 9:00 – 12:00

Sara Redin | Gilbane Conference

Building a Business Case for a Modern Intranet – learn more
Sara Redin, Founder, Redin Consult

Tim Bourgeois | Gilbane Conference

An Anatomy of a Digital Audit learn more
Tim Bourgeois, Executive Editor, and East Coast Catalyst

Tony Byrne | Gilbane Conference
The Right Way to Select Digital Content Technology – learn more
Tony Byrne, Founder, Real Story Group

Thursday, December, 1: 1:00 – 4:00

Cathy McKnight | Gilbane Conference
Mapping Customer Journeys and Managing Content: How to Align Practices for Great Customer Experience – learn more
Cathy McKnight, Vice President, Consulting, Digital Clarity Group

Heather Hedden | Gilbane Conference
Designing Taxonomies and Metadata for CMS Implementation – learn more

Heather Hedden, Senior Vocabulary Editor, Cengage Learning

Bruno Hermann | Gilbane Conference
Taking the Fast Track of Digital Globalization to Deliver Digital Experiences Globally – learn more

Bruno Herrmann, Director of Globalization and Localization, The Nielsen Company

Register today to save your seat!

Multichannel content management

Meg Walsh at Gilbane 2013In Marketing technology landscape explosion and CMS evolution we looked at two of the major themes of December’s Gilbane Conference. The third major theme that we asked speakers to respond to in our spotlight series was the challenge of multichannel delivery:

What is the best overall strategy for delivering content to web, multiple mobile, and upcoming digital channels? What is the biggest challenge? Development and maintenance cost? Content control? Brand management? Technology expertise?

The best overall strategy and the biggest challenge are the same: creating and managing content that can be optimized for each channel and device including those not anticipated. In short, true Multichannel Content Management, or MCM if we can deal with yet another acronym (Yaa!). Of course the “multichannel” is only necessary for emphasis because “web” content management has been dominant for a few years, and “enterprise” content management was hijacked by the document management interests early on. Perhaps soon, “multichannel” will be redundant and just plain old “content management” will suffice.

Multichannel content management is really hard. Organizations have been implementing such “single source publishing” or “create once, publish everywhere” systems for many years, but the difficulty and cost prevented most from taking it on and forced others to give up even knowing it was the right thing to do.

Multichannel content management is still hard, but it was one thing to hesitate when there was only one extra channel – now there are n+1 channels, the cost equation has changed, and you can’t build a sustainable digital experience without solving this problem.

Organizations who successfully built multichannel content management systems in the past were largely those with direct access to technologists, for example technical documentation, product support, engineering, and R&D. Marketing organizations, aside from a few with large global presences and big brand asset management problems, mostly stayed away – technology and cost were fearsome, and organizational structures and agency dependencies also created barriers. Staying away is no longer an option. Reaching today’s consumers requires an n+1 distribution strategy.

In her keynote presentation, Marriott’s Meg Walsh inspired the audience with her discussion of their distribution and scale challenges and the necessity for a strategy based on adaptive content that is device agnostic – in other words, a multichannel content management capability. She shared a wonderful quote from Jonathan Perelman, VP, Agency Strategy @Buzzfeed, “Content is King, but Distribution is Queen, and She wears the pants.”

Note that Meg’s role is very much that of a marketing technologist. She ran the content management practice in Marriott’s sales and marketing group before moving to Marriott’s IT organization to take responsibility for technology platforms to support the sales and marketing activity.

We’ll be covering much more of what one attendee called “Real Multichannel Content Management and publishing” at this year’s conference, and would love to hear from more marketing organizations that are making the Distribution Queen happy.


Integrated Dynamic Support in Webnodes CMS v3.7

Webnodes has announced CMS to have dynamic support for The new feature has an intuitive vocabulary mapping user interface as well as a code API and Asp.Net controls to streamline the work for site developers. The Webnodes CMS ontology management user interface provides a separation between data, data model and presentation layout. which is all about making search engines understand the meaning of your content is a natural extension to the semantic core engine.

Who are the best speakers on content technology? (cont. from San Francisco)

We are honored to to be able to bring you the largest collection of leading practitioners, analysts, and technologists available this year at our San Francisco and Boston conferences. The powerful combination of content technology experts can only be found at Gilbane events. Our faculty at Gilbane Boston 2008, December 2-4th, includes:

Erik Aeyelts Averink, President, SDL Tridion
Nate Aune, President and Founder, Jazkarta
Joseph Bachana, President/Founder, DPCI
Nora Barnes, Professor & Director, Center for Marketing Research, University of MA, Dartmouth
Jay Batson, CEO, Acquia
Geoff Bock, Lead Analyst, Gilbane Group
Noah Broadwater, VP, Information Services, Sesame Workshop
John Carione, Senior Product Marketing Manager for LiveCycle Security Solutions, Adobe
David Carter, Founder & CTO, Awareness Networks
Win Carus, President and Founder, Information Extraction Systems
Jeff Catlin, CEO, Lexalytics Client
Dr. Kyugon Cho, CEO,
Leonor Ciarlone, Lead Analyst, Gilbane Group
Reid Conrad, CEO, Near-Time
Jeff Cram, Managing Director, ISITE Design
Guy Creese, VP and Research Director, Collaboration and Content Strategies, Burton Group
Andrew Draheim, Principal, Kidd and Draheim Inc.
Patricia Eagan, Senior Manager, Web Communications, The Jackson Laboratory
Michael Edson, Director, Web and New Media Strategy, Smithsonian Institution, Office of the CIO
James Ellis, Web Director, Wisconsin Alumni Association
Ben Elowitz, CEO, Wetpaint
Angela Foster, IT Manager, Development, FedEx
Elizabeth Foughty, Intelligent Data Understanding Research Group, NASA Ames
Aaron R. Fulkerson, CEO and Founder, Mindtouch
Dan Galvez, Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Hedgehog Development
Brad Gandee, VP, Product Marketing and Management, GigaTrust
Chip Gettinger, VP, XML Solutions, SDL Tridion
Frank Gilbane, CEO, Gilbane Group
Paul Gillin, Author and Consultant, New Media Technologies
John Girard, CEO, Clickability
Seth Gottlieb, Principal, Content Here
Yogesh Gupta, President and CEO, FatWire
Heather Hedden, Information Taxonomist, Hedden Information Management
Ulrich Henes, President, Localization Institute
Fred Hollowood, Director Language R&D, Shared Engineering Services, Symantec Corporation
Sophie Hurst, Senior Product Marketing Manager, SDL
Rob Joachim, Info Systems Engineer Lead, MITRE Corp
Karl Kadie, Lead Analyst, Gilbane Group
Ajay Kapur, VP, Product Development, Apps Associates
Ben Kiker, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Interwoven
John Kreisa, Director of Product Marketing, Mark Logic Corporation
Mary Laplante, VP Consulting Services, Gilbane Group
David Lee, eBusiness Manager, 3M Company
David Lipsey, Managing Director, Global Practice, Media & Entertainment, FTI Consulting
Glen McInnis, Practice Lead for Enterprise Content Management Solutions, Nonlinear
Curt Monash, Monash Research
Lynda Moulton, Lead Analyst, Gilbane Group
Gary Muddyman, Managing Director and CEO, Conversis
John Newton, CTO and Chairman, Alfresco
Leslie Owens, Analyst, Forrester Research
Natasja H.M. Paulsen, Partner, Ordina Consulting
Steve Paxhia, Lead Analyst, Gilbane Group
Stephen Powers, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
Sid Probstein, CTO, Attivio
Prabhakar Raghavan, Head of Research, Yahoo
Kathleen Reidy, Senior Analyst, The 451 Group
Bill Rosenblatt, Lead Analyst, Gilbane Group
Shannon Ryan, Co-Founder, President, and CEO, Nonlinear
Andrew Savikas, GM Tools of Change, O’ Reilly Media
Thomas Schaefer, Systems Analyst and Consultant, U.S. General Services Administration
Eric Severson, CTO, Flatirons Solutions
Shawn Shell, Principal, Consejo
Dennis Shirokov, Marketing Manager, FedEx Digital Access Marketing, FedEx
Jerry Silver, Lead Product Manager, EMC/Documentum
Nitish Singh, Assistant Professor of International Business, Boeing Institute of Int. Business, St. Louis University
Marc Solomon, Knowledge Planner, PRTM
Aaron Strout, Vice President of Social Media, mZinga
Dmitri Tcherevik, CTO, Fatwire
Bill Trippe, Lead Analyst, Gilbane Group
Brian Vandeventer, IT Manager, The Hartford
Melissa Webster, Program Vice President, Content & Digital Media Technologies, IDC
Michael Wechner, President, Wyona
Jeff Whatcott, Vice President of Marketing, Acquia
Tony White, Lead Analyst, Gilbane Group
Rob Wiesenberg, President and Founder, Contegra Systems
Aaron Williams, VP, Enterprise Services Community & Co-Innovation Engineering Americas, SAP AG
Nathan Williams, Interactive Director, New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corp

Conference program

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