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Inmedius Releases iConvert for Conversion of Complex Technical Documents

Inmedius, Inc. announced the general release of iConvert, a comprehensive environment for the conversion of documents into structured eXtensible Markup Language (XML). The software supports conversion from legacy paper, Microsoft Word or PDF files. iConvert also comes pre-configured for XML conversion of original S1000D, 40051B and ATA documents, and supports any Document Type Definition (DTD) or XML schema. iConvert synchronizes the original document with the converted XML document in a multi-pane, on-screen display. This approach to XML conversion should allow for the continuous fine-tuning of document conversion rules for increased automated transfer. iConvert’s has modified its user environment and workflow design that guides the user through the XML conversion process. At the same time, iConvert provides a visual inspection of the original document that is synchronized with the configured XML output. During this step, the end-user should be able to drag and drop both unconverted pieces of data, as well as content that has been transformed properly. User defined rules files applied to create the original conversion are updated, allowing for a second pass with increased accuracy.

Vamosa Announces Content Migrator for IBM Lotus Quickr

Vamosa announced Vamosa Content Migrator for IBM Lotus Quickr, a new way for organizations to fast start their Lotus Quickr implementation. Lotus Quickr is a Web 2.0 based collaborative content offering, designed to transform the way everyday business content, such as documents and rich media, is stored and shared, to enable more effective team collaboration for innovation. Vamosa Content Migrator for Lotus Quickr enables organizations to unleash the potential of their collective IQ faster by pre-loading documents and rich media into Lotus Quickr team places with automated content migration tools. Vamosa’s software enables faster implementation of Lotus Quickr’s set of collaborative content and team services including wikis and team blogs. By migrating content from file servers, intranets and legacy systems into Lotus Quickr’s scalable content repositories, Vamosa helps organizations implement Quickr faster. Vamosa Content Migrator for IBM Lotus Quickr software is expected to be available before the end of 2007. Pricing will be available later in the year.

Day Ships Latest Versions of Communiqué and CRX

Day Software (SWX:DAYN)(OTC:DYIHY) announced the availability of Communiqué 4.2 and Content Repository Extreme (CRX) 1.3.1, a native JCR (JSR 170) standard compliant enterprise content management solution and Java Content Repository. These latest releases of Communiqué and CRX contain enhancements that are directed toward an even better usability for authors, administrators, and developers, and improvements in scalability and performance. Specific enhancements include active clustering of author instances, SAP portal integration and synchronization with Day’s connector products providing an easy start to connect to third party repositories by using JCR connectors. Based on the cluster functionality in the CRX 1.3.1 release, Communiqué 4.2 supports active clustering of author instances. With this it is possible to have several Communiqué servers combined to form a cluster and provide one Communiqué Author instance. As an additional language for the user interface, Japanese is now maintained in the product. Portal Adapter for SAP Portal 6.0 allows integration of Communiqué content and functionality into a SAP Portal environment. Out-of-the-box portlets can be used to display Communiqué managed content that is dynamically associated to the iView. Existing Communiqué projects can be migrated “in place” with help of an update installer, leaving the existing deployments and architecture intact.

Document Sciences Announces Acquisition of CambridgeDocs

Document Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ: DOCX) announced it has completed the acquisition of CambridgeDocs a provider of document transformation and repurposing technology. The acquired technology will allow xPression, to import and repurpose content from popular formats, including Word, HTML, PDF, Excel, RTF, and Adobe FrameMaker, enabling customers to leverage the tens of thousands of documents existing throughout an enterprise without having to manually recreate the content. Once transformed, the content can be made available for delivery through Document Sciences xPression product suite, as well as independently through XML-based Web Services. The transformed content can also be classified and indexed within enterprise information portals, and aggregated, assembled and (re)published in multiple formats, including HTML, PDF, Postscript, IBM AFP, PCL and RTF. In addition to tighter integration with CambridgeDocs technology, Document Sciences will continue to develop CambridgeDoc’s xDoc product suite. The xDoc products sold through OEM software agreements with vendors in the XML content management and publishing area. The entire CambridgeDocs team, located in Cambridge, MA, and Lahore, Pakistan, will be joining the Document Sciences.,

Vamosa Announces Vamosa Content Migrator Version 2.9

Vamosa has released version 2.9 of their content analysis and migration software, Vamosa Content Migrator. Vamosa Content Migrator version 2.9 has enhanced document migration capabilities and introduces ‘link cohesion’ for the document world. Link Cohesion has been a long-standing feature of Vamosa Content Migrator and has been used to great effect when migrating web content to translate all internal website hyperlinks. The extension of this functionality to incorporate documents will be beneficial to organisations with large document and content repositories. Link Cohesion for documents allows Vamosa Content Migrator to analyse organisation’s documents (Word, Excel or PDF etc) and examine links held within those documents. Where necessary the product will automatically and intelligently adjust these links to maintain their validity and ensure that the content referred to by the link remains accessible in the new content management system and architecture.

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