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Gilbane Advisor 2-11-20 — future fingers, collaboration, taxonomy, adtech

Mapping workplace collaboration startups

Merci Victoria Grace provides a very useful breakdown of the current workplace collaboration space. As an investor her interest is in opportunities, but her insights also inform enterprise strategists and buyers considering not just products, but use cases. Read More

workplace collaboration startups
Workplace Collaboration Market Map by Merci Victoria Grace

Apple’s ‘Finger Devices’: wearable computing’s next big thing?

CB Insights reports on a new patent application from Apple. While “next big thing” is bit over-enthusiastic, they are right that it has potential as a core component of Apple’s coming wearable computing ecosystem.

While other patents have explored the use of fingers and virtual interfaces and feedback systems, this patent appears the first to contemplate the finger as the seat of a full-fledged computing device — containing a full battery of sensors, input and output systems, and the capacity to interact with other devices in different categories. Read More

Lumping and Splitting in Taxonomy

Taxonomies are often avoided because they are complex and require nurturing. Michael Andrews on why they are a necessary information technology…

Classification is the bedrock of algorithms: they drive automated decisions. Yet taxonomies are human designed. Taxonomies lack the superficial impartiality of machine-oriented linked data or machine learning classification. But taxonomies are useful because of their perceived limitations. They require human attention and human judgment. That helps make data more explainable. Read More

As Google Chrome crumbles the third-party cookie, what’s next for adtech?

Aside from the obvious boost for first-party data – where the legit value has always been – there are a number of questions on how and when this will all play out. The Drum collects some thoughts from adtec insiders. Read More



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Gilbane Advisor 5-25-18 — GDPR, GDPR & ML, GDPR & adtech, Martech paradox

Our privacy policy & GDPR

Since the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect today we lead with our own privacy policy, and our progress in incorporating GDPR requirements. We encourage you to read it. TL;DR: We do not yet claim complete compliance. But because we don’t depend on advertising, and don’t buy, sell, or share personal data to help others advertise, complying with GDPR is less daunting than it is for many others. Our privacy policy will be updated as we continue to add support for GDPR. Read More

How will the GDPR impact machine learning?

Since GDPR is bigger than Queen Bey, we’re all being bombarded by emails and articles about GDPR, ranging from the click-baity to the ill-informed to the wishful-thinking to the doomsday-wailing to the we-can-help, to the technically-bureaucratic, to the thoughtfully-analytical, und so weiter. We expect most of you by now have waded through enough to find a favorite or two to get a handle on the basics, so we’ve chosen two posts that deserve a careful read that you might have missed. First up, Andrew Burt, digs into the details and complexity of what GDPR means for machine learning. There is no simple answer, but Burt’s article is a good place to learn why. Read More

GDPR will pop the adtech bubble

It could happen. Note that Doc Searls is not talking about advertising in general, just adtech. But adtech is, shall we, say well-funded. Read More

And now a break from GDPR!​…

Martech simultaneous consolidation & expansion

How is this possible?…

… a more accurate view of martech consolidation cycles is that they are indeed happening  but they are happening on top of a wave of underlying software expansion… That underlying wave of software expansion seems to be overtaking

martech consolidation and expansion

the natural business consolidation dynamics that are absolutely still happening at the same timeRead More


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