Knowledge Centered Services (KCS) is a methodology that was developed by, and is maintained by, the members of the Consortium for Service Innovation. The Consortium is a non-profit alliance of service and support organizations focused on innovation around customer engagement, productivity, and success. Consortium Members create innovative operational models through a process of collective thinking and experience. The Consortium’s work integrates academic research and emerging business trends with members’ operational perspectives. The results are new strategies and models that improve the customer experience.

The conversation started in 1992, and the methodology has since evolved into a rich set of principles, practices and techniques, based on the collective thinking and collective experience of the members. The Consortium for Service Innovation owns the methodology and owns the registered service mark “KCS”. Because the Consortium is a non-profit industry association, the members of the Consortium – who collectively created the methodology – own the methodology. The Consortium facilitates the development and protects the integrity of the methodology.