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Meet Gilbane: SDL GIM Chicago

We travel to the Windy City on January 21 for the next event in SDL‘s series on global information management. Speakers from Fair Isaac and Garmin will share their experiences with creating, translating, managing and publishing multilingual content. Gilbane’s kick-off presentation looks at trends and best practices emerging from our research on how companies are aligning multilingual content practices with business goals and objectives.
Registration is open to anyone with an interest in managing content for global audiences.

Stars of Stage and Screen…

… and radio! Mary Laplante and I will be on the radio show this Thursday, discussing the upcoming Gilbane San Francisco conference. We’ll be on the air live for an hour starting at 4:00 Eastern, and will be discussing a wide range of topics about the conference, with some focus on the sessions I am coordinating. The host, Scott Draughon, is a great guy and really does an excellent job interviewing his guests on a wide variety of topics. Mary and I have done the show before (this time last year as well) and it was a pleasure. Be sure to tune in!

Become a Technology Acquisition Star

We’re moderating a session entitled Successful Processes for Selecting a Content Management System: How to Become an Expert in Technology Acquisition at DocTrain East 2007, Thursday, Oct 18, 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm.
The session begins with a discussion of why technology acquisition is not about tools, but about assembling capabilities that lead to competitive advantage for your organization. We walk through two scenarios that draw on our recent experience helping users acquire XML publishing and web content management technologies. The fun begins when we turn to a panel of experts who will share what they’ve learned about making a business case, distilling requirements, crafting great RFIs and RFPs, developing the short list of suppliers, and scoping a successful proof-of-concept. We’ll also look at acquiring software as a service and how the acquisition process is different from acquiring licensed software solutions.
The goal of the sesson is show attendees how to develop the skills to lead a successful technology acquisition process. If you’re interested in the topic but can’t make it to the conference in Boston this week, send us email and ask for our presentation materials. We also welcome comments from readers who’d like us to address a specific question during the session.

Managing Content for Compliance — May 4 in Washington, DC

I’ll be giving a talk on “Managing Content for Compliance: A Framework” at the annual IT Compliance Institute Conference — Friday, May 4th in Crystal City Virginia.
Sneak peek at my recommended actions:
>>Secure senior leadership
>>Develop policies and procedures
>>Develop information architecture and systems
>>Expect to iterate.
No real magic — just a lot of hard work! Fortunately, the smart use of relevant content technologies will help.

Experts and Industry Analysts Panel: AIIM NE

Frank Gilbane participates in AIIM NE’s annual panel of experts discussing ECM success strategies, key technologies, and state of practice.
Tuesday, February 13, 2007, 8:30 am – 1:30 pm
Newton Marriott, 2345 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton/Auburndale, MA
Details and registration