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Webinar: Structured Content for Leadership: Differentiate with Advanced Practices

Thursday, October 2, 2:00 pm ET
Second in a series of webinars on developing a strategic roadmap for structured content
This online panel discussion with industry experts focuses on emerging applications that can truly differentiate an organization. Topics are based on the “Leadership” view of the ROI Blueprint developed by JustSystems with support from Gilbane. You might be surprised to hear how structured content is delivering value in unexpected ways in unexpected places within the enterprise.
Participants are:

  • Yas Etessam, VMware
  • Bill Trippe, Gilbane
  • Dale Waldt, aXtive Minds

This webinar is a companion to the first session on September 11, in which we examined applications in wide practice, and the third covering innovation on October 23. The series is sponsored by JustSystems.
Register for one or both of the October webinars. A recording of the first event is available if you want to get up to speed on the larger discussion of enterprise value of structured content.

Webinar: Business Cases for Multilingual Content

Update: Time Correction!
Wednesday, September 24, 11:00 AM ET
Gilbane’s study on multilingual communications confirms that enterprise strategies for creating, managing, and publishing multilingual business communications are often vague, if they exist at all. Without these strategies, companies face significant risk and loss of competitive advantage, especially as pressures to grow revenues, control costs, and satisfy customers increase exponentially. If you don’t have a multilingual content strategy in place, how do you get started? If you do, how do you advance your processes and improve performance and quality?
Andrew Thomas from SDL joins us in an online panel discussion on making the case for multilingual content strategies. The webinar draws on new research from Gilbane and real-world experience of SDL’s customers. Registration is open. Sponsored by SDL.

Webinar Series: Structured Content Throughout the Enterprise

Updated September 18
JustSystems has launched a comprehensive educational campaign intended to help technical communicators, LOB managers, and information managers extend the value of structured content outside of its established beachhead in techdoc applications. The campaign, titled “Developing a Strategic Roadmap for Structured Content,” comprises webinars, white papers, and an ROI Blueprint, a tool for identifying the business benefits of structured content throughout the enterprise. Gilbane Group is supporting the campaign with research, content, and webinar participation.

The three webinars look at how companies are leveraging structured content today, or planning to do so in the future. The first event is scheduled for September 11 and focuses on current practice and benchmarking your adoption against leading organizations. Guest speaker is Eric Severson, co-founder and CTO of Flatirons Solutions, the well-regarded professional services firm with deep expertise in content management and XML strategies and applications. Jake Sorofman from JustSystems rounds out the panel.

Register for one or all of the webinars in the series. Attendees will have access to the ROI Blueprint for Structured Content and will receive a Gilbane-authored state-of-the-market commentary after each event.

Update: The recording is now available.

Webinar: Creating and Selling Global Content Strategies

Updated August 5
Thursday, July 31, 1:00 pm ET/10:00 am PT
New Gilbane research confirms that when it comes to delivering multilingual content for global websites, marketing, business, and IT professionals use whatever resources they have at their disposal to just get it done. It’s clear, though, that performing tactically is no longer enough to attract international audiences, maintain competitive positioning, and scale to meet demand. How are companies large and small are making the shift from performing tactically to thinking strategically? More importantly, what can you learn from their experiences?
Darren Guarnaccia, VP product marketing for Sitecore, and the Gilbane globalization team share insights in a lively online panel discussion that will help you sell your executives on investing in strategies as well as tactics for multilingual web content.
Register today.
Hosted by the American Marketing Association. Sponsored by Sitecore.
Update: If you missed the live event, the recording is now available. Please contact us for a copy of the Gilbane presentation delivered during the webinar.

Webinar: Foundations for Global Web Presence: Content, Brand, and Collaboration

Updated August 18
Thursday, July 24, 2:00 pm ET
Join us in an online panel discussion with Stefanie Lightman, VP Marketing, RedDot, and Michael Martyn, President, enthink, for a look at foundational elements of websites that support global business strategies. Insights from new Gilbane research on content globalization shape the conversation. Focus is on emerging best practices for managing content, brand, and collaboration for worldwide impact.

Registration is open. Sponsored by RedDot, the Open Text Web Solutions Group.
Update: The webinar recording is now available.

Webinar: Searching for Hidden (Content) Treasure

Thursday, June 26 2008, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Richly-formatted reports, often automatically generated by enterprise applications, contain a wealth of information that companies can use to accelerate efficient decision-making or quick diagnosis of customer problems. But business managers and users have long been stymied by complicated technology tools. They need simple, specialized search to aggregate content already output in formats they understand, reports hidden because of far-flung enterprise distribution and storage.

Apps Associates, Oracle, and The Gilbane Group join forces to illustrate the potential simplicity for harvesting the value data hidden in rich content that already exists. Topics include:

  • The pain points involved in harvesting valuable data in enterprise reports.
  • The technology capabilities that are required to address the pain.
  • The solutions that combine these capabilities to deliver application-ready report search.

The panel will also discuss real-world business scenarios that illustrate the value of enterprise search solutions that are fine-tuned for reports. Participants are Lynda Moulton, Lead Analyst for Enterprise Search, Gilbane Group; Jinyu Wang, Principle Product Manager, Oracle Secure Enterprise Search; and Ajay Kapur, Principal and VP – Product Development, Apps Associates.

Moderated by Gilbane Group. Sponsored and hosted by Apps Associates. Registration is open at:

Webinar: Get (and Keep) Customers with Web Experience Management

Updated August 7
Thursday, June 5, 12:00 noon ET
Customers want more and better. More and better content. More and better capabilities for finding products and services. More and better capabilities for evaluating, trying, and buying. More and better capabilities for collaborating. The trends are clear. Customer engagement is the goal, web experience management the strategy. But how to make it happen?
Gilbane’s Bill Trippe, FatWire president and CEO Yogesh Gupta, and web experts at Linksys and the Colorado Department of Transportation discuss trends, required capabilities, and real applications in this online panel discussion. Learn how how your company can deliver highly personalized, interactive experiences with a solid WCM foundation and engagement building blocks such as dynamic content, optimization, collaboration and community.
Register today for Web Experience Management: Essentials for Engaging Customers and Winning Loyalty. Participation is limited, so sign up early.
Sponsored by FatWire.
Update: The recorded webinar is now available for viewing.

Webinar: Analytics-Driven Web Content

Thursday, May 8, 1:00 pm ET
Customers expect more than a one-size-fits-all web experience. They want “my-size-fits-me” content every time they interact with your company. Or they don’t come back.
In this webinar, marketing managers learn the latest approaches to using knowledge about visitors and behaviors to drive dynamic content delivery. Tony White, Gilbane’s lead analyst for web content management, and Brett Zucker, CTO for Bridgeline Software, discuss emerging technologies for serving up analytics-driven content that attracts customers, engenders loyalty, and improves site ROI. The webinar is sponsored by Bridgeline Software.
Registration is open.

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