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New Gilbane Beacon Targets Digital Marketers

We’re pleased to announce the publication of a new Gilbane Beacon entitled Lessons for Digital Marketers: What Marketing Professionals Can Learn from the World’s Leading Publishers.

From the introduction:

". . .  Internet marketing will increase at the expense of traditional advertising, which is predicted to decline. This means that digital marketers will clearly be challenged to bring in the lion’s share of new customers and revenues. . . . 

"Gilbane believes that digital marketing managers can learn a great deal about leveraging content assets by drawing on the experiences of other content-rich organizations. One of the best candidate industries for lessons learned is the publishing industry. Challenges faced by CMOs and publishers are very similar: content closely tied to revenue streams, large volumes of diverse content types, rapidly evolving expectations regarding personalized content and interactivity, and requirement for frictionless publishing in order to meet the need for content immediacy. "

The paper is available for download now, along with a recording of the companion webinar. The paper will also be distributed at next week’s Gilbane Boston conference.

Webinar: Corporate Marketing as a Publishing Business

October 29, 11:00 am ET

Attracting, converting, and retaining customers is the mission of every corporate marketing organization. Content is obviously central to executing the mission. The key to success, though, isn’t just delivering content on websites — it’s leveraging content to wring out its maximum value for the business and the customer.

Leading publishers have deep expertise in solving the knottiest problems associated with leveraging content. How can corporate marketers put a publisher’s knowledge and experience to work in their own domain? We discuss the issues and trends with Diane Burley, Industry  Specialist at Nstein, in a lively online conversation. Attend Everyone is a Publisher: No Matter What Industry You’re In, and gain insights into solutions that top media companies have put into practice to survive the digital economy. Topics include:

  • Engaging customers with content, and metrics to gauge performance.
  • Managing corporate marketing and brand content from multiple sources.
  • Streamlining web content workflows.
  • Creating demographic-specific microsites.

Registration is open. Sponsored by NStein. 

Coming soon: a Gilbane Beacon on publishing as every organization’s second business.

Webinar: Multilingual Product Content at FICO

June 17, 11:00 am ET

The challenges facing FICO, a leading supplier of decision management analytics, applications and tools, will sound familiar to global organizations: the need to streamline product and content development lifecycles, support global expansion with accurate and timely localization and translation processes, and satisfy customers worldwide with consistent, quality experience. What makes FICO’s story unique is its strategic and proactive approach to addressing them.

With a successful business case based on reuse as a “first principle,” FICO is building an enterprise content infrastructure that includes XML and DITA, component content management, translation memory and terminology management, and automated publishing. Learn how FICO is aligning global content practices with the company’s business goals and objectives. If you need to spark that “aha!” moment within your organization, you won’t want to miss this webinar event. Topics:

  • Reuse as the tipping point: the synergies of component approaches to product and content development
  • Implementing an end-to-end global information strategy
  • The value of content agility in FICO’s global business strategy


  • Leonor Ciarlone, Senior Analyst, Gilbane Group
  • Carroll Rotkel, Director, Product Documentation, FICO
  • Howard Schwartz, Ph.D., VP Content Management, SDL Trisoft

Registration is open. Sponsored by SDL.

Webinar: Global Content and Customer Satisfaction

April 21, 11:00 am ET

A solid strategy for weathering any economic storm is to forcus on finding and serving your most profitable customers. In any region, in any language, across all interactions. How can global enterprises tune their content practices to support this new laser focus on audience engagement and align their processes with corporate strategic objectives?

Gilbane’s Mary Laplante and Sophie Hurst, Director, Product Marketing at SDL, discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities associated with delivering multilingual content that meets today’s mandate for extraordinary customer experience. Using Gilbane’s research and insights on aligning global content with business value as background, topics include:
  • Market factors influencing global content management practices.
  • Real-world approaches to meeting audience demand for multilingual content, based on Gilbane research and SDL customer solutions.
  • Establishing a roadmap for enhancing global content practices to align them more closely with customer experience initiatives.

Registration is open. Sponsored by SDL.

Webinar: Making the Business Case for SaaS WCM

Updated April 9, 2009: View the recorded webinar.
January 27, 2009, 2:00 pm ET

When customer experience becomes increasingly important even as budgets are tightening, the SaaS value proposition–faster time to results, reduced dependency on IT resources, predictable costs–can be especially compelling. If your organization wants or needs to move ahead with web business initiatives in today’s uncertain economic climate, you’re probably investigating software-as-a-service solutions for web content management.

But SaaS WCM is fundamentally different from licensing software (open source or proprietary) and installing it on your own servers. Which means the process of evaluating solutions is different. It’s not all apples when SaaS is on the short list, but rather apples and oranges.This webinar explores the implications for technology acquisition. How do you make a business case that enables your organization to fairly evaluate all options and make the best decision for the business?

Join us in a lively discussion with Robert Carroll from Clickability. Register today. Presented by Gilbane. Sponsored by Clickability. Based on a new Gilbane Beacon entitled Communicating SaaS WCM Value.

Webinar: Ingersoll Rand, Club Car’s Strategy for Multilingual Product Documentation

Tuesday, Febuary 3rd, 2009: 11am EST / 10am CST / 8am PST
In the manufacturing industry, the pace of innovation in multinational product design and engineering can create a gulf between product availability and multilingual product documentation delivery. The result can negatively affect customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance programs, and global perception of product quality.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how the technical publications group at Ingersoll Rand, Club Car has closed this gap by:

  • Introducing manufacturing innovation into technical publications processes.
  • Collaborating with sales support to maintain and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Automating links between authoring, localization/translation, and publishing with technologies such as XML and translation memory.
  • Increasing the volume of multilingual product documentation without raising costs.

Join us to hear first-hand experience and best practices advice from Jeff Kennedy, Manager of Engineering Information and Systems at Ingersoll Rand, Club Car. Joined by Gilbane Senior Analyst Karl Kadie and Sajan Chief Marketing Officer Vern Hanzlik, this webinar discussion is a companion to Gilbane’s Club Car case study.

Register today. Moderated by Gilbane Group. Hosted by Sajan.

Webinar: WEM and Effective Marketing in Any Business Climate

January 15, 2009, 12:00 noon ET
Worldwide economies are undergoing tremendous change. New markets emerge. Developing markets continue to take shape. Established markets wait for stability. Smart global organizations see the Web as a constant in the midst of all this change. It’s the most efficient and effective channel for reaching prospects and communicating with customers. Delivering the very best web experience is now a mandate for attracting, engaging, and retaining customers. As a result, web experience management (WEM) matters now more than ever.
Learn how global companies are using WEM to achieve business goals. The panel discusses strategies for centralized multi-site management, personalized content and promotions, and multilingual web communications. Speakers:

  • Christoph Schacher, Head of New Media, Wienerberger AG
  • Brendan Sullivan, Product Manager, Portals, Elsevier, e-Education Products
  • Loren Weinberg, VP Marketing and Product Management, FatWire

The webinar discussion draws on the Gilbane white paper entitled Engage Me! Web Experience Management as the New Business Imperative.
Register today. Moderated by Gilbane Group. Hosted by FatWire.

Webinar: New Generation Knowledge Management

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Organizations are faced with critical knowledge management issues including knowledge capture, IP retention, search and discovery, and fostering innovation. The failure to properly address these issues results in companies wasting millions of dollars through inefficient information discovery and poor collaboration techniques. Today’s knowledge management systems must blend social media technologies with enterprise search, access, and discovery tools to give users a 360-degree view of their information assets. This blend is the foundation for new generation knowledge management.
Moderated by Andy Moore, Publisher of KMWorld Magazine, join Senior Analyst Leonor Ciarlone and Phil Green, CTO at Inmagic for a discussion on perspectives from Gilbane’s report on Collaboration and Social Media 2008, the power of Social Knowledge Networks, and an introduction to Inmagic® Presto.
Space is limited, register here!

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