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The News in Retrospect

When I was much younger, I lived in Upstate NY and was vexed by a certain Gannet Newspaper whose news wasn’t particularly current. I always said that their motto should be “the news in retrospect”.

Now I do some writing in the form of this blog and am embarrassed to admit that my report on the recent Gilbane Conference in SanFrancisco would be covered by the same motto. Age makes us humbler with every passing year.

I was very pleased with the quality of presentations in this year’s Publishing Track. In his recent post, Thad McIlroy was much too modest in his depiction of his impressive Future of Publishing Website. The result of almost 10 years of hard work, the site is a fascinating compendium of past and current views of the future of publishing. It is impressive in its scope, organization, and innate wisdom. We were honored to have it released to the public at our conference.

Thad did his usual outstanding job in leading a panel that gave a crisp and concise view of what is possible today in the world of publishing automation. As publishers, Thomson and O’Reilly distinguished themselves with the processes they are using today and products that resulted from those processes. Their willingness to completely rethink their strategies and re-engineer their processes should prove an inspiration to other publishers.

As you can see from my previous post on We are Smarter than Me, I am very interested in activities at the intersection of communities and publishing entities. Our Panel with representatives of San Diego Union Tribune, MERLOT, and Leverage Software gave vivid examples and insights as to how communities can develop valuable new information or enhance traditional information products. Their talks further fueled my curiosity and thinking on this topic.

Bill Rosenblatt led a great Panel of representatives from Adobe, Mark Logic, Marcinko Enterprises, and Quark through an excellent discussion of how today’s technology can enable publishers to design and implement processes that support true cross media publishing. And then Bill shared the lessons that were learned in an innovative cross-media strategy project that he did with Consumer’s Union. He was joined by Randy Marcinko who cited several clear examples of how the proper processes support cross media publishing and By Chip Pettibone Safari U’s Vice President of Product Development who dazzled the audiance with some of Their new products and business models . Their Rough Cuts and Short Cuts product lines are particularly impressive!

Finally Thad’s posting speaks glowingly of the panel for the International Publishing panel. I concur!!
Thanks to all conference panelists and attendees!! Please send me any comments and critiques that would make the next conference more valuable to you.

Gilbane Group update

Of course I had every intention to blog about the highlights of Gilbane San Francisco, but our attention has already moved to our upcoming Washington, and even our Fall Boston conference. Here are some quick notes on what’s new:

  • There was a lot of activity at Gilbane San Francisco, but what got the most press was the second part of our opening keynote where we had Google and Microsoft facing off over enterprise search. A little web and blog searching will turn up some of the reaction.
  • Join us and CMS Watch in Washington DC June 5-6 for Gilbane Washington.  That’s right, a little over 2 weeks away. The instructions for submitting proposals can be found at: We will be covering our usual topic areas with a focus on content and enterprise web technologies (including versions 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc.). If you’ve never been to our Boston conference you can view all the info from the 2006 event at: For this year’s conference see:
  • We have 2 webinars coming up in the next 2 weeks:
    • Webinar: Bill Trippe talks with Minette Norman of Autodesk. Wednesday, April 25, 2:00 pm EST. Registration is open. Sponsored by Idiom.
    • Webinar: Bill Trippe and Michelle Huff from Oracle discuss multi-website content management. Wednesday, May 2, 12:00 pm EST. Registration is open. Sponsored by Oracle.
  • See our latest case study: Building an Enterprise-Class System for Globalization: Autodesk’s Worldwide Initiative by Senior Analyst Bill Trippe
  • See our latest white paper: Strategic eMarketing: Converting Leads into Profits, by Lead Analyst Leonor Ciarlone
  • Remember we have 8 blogs in addition to this one (see the links in the left column) all of which have recent content, even the CTO Blog, which was quiet for some time has a new entry from Eric Severson.
  • Reminder: All our blogs support multiple types of tagging as well as comments and trackbacks. Subscriptions to all of them are available via FeedBurner which provides additional features. We are adding additional FeedBurner plugins, for example, as of yesterday you can even “Twit” items from our News Blog if you are into Twitter (see I am not sure how useful this is, but was easy and free to add and I know some of you Twitter.

Gilbane San Francisco

Well, I’d have to say it was a very good conference. Attendance was up, San Francisco was sunny and warm, and I thought the sessions were very good.

I had the advantage/disadvantage of being one of the track chairs of the publishing track, which meant that I had to attend all six publishing sessions. I managed to catch the keynotes as well, which were jam-packed. But I’ll leave it to others to discuss the other tracks and sessions.

We tried to expand the publishing track this spring from a focus solely on automated publishing (we brought that topic down to one session). The subject is important, and very relevant to the rest of the Gilbane conference content, but we had the clear intention of making the publishing track much broader in scope than it had been before.

Steve Paxhia very kindly allowed me to lead off with what was really a dual session. I introduced my new web site:, but also spoke more broadly on the subject. I’ve got a ton of material that I’m slowly loading onto the Web site, and nine years of research behind it.

We then moved to “Publishing Automation: What Can You Do Today?” and had three great speakers tackle the topic. OK, they were all book publishers, but each had a markedly different approach, and I decided, in the end, that listening to three approaches to a similar problem might be more interesting than three approaches to completely different challenges.

The topic “How Will Internet Communities and Collaboration Technologies Change Publishing Best Practices?” was a tough one, and Steve and his speakers handled it very well. This subject is so slippery. Do you need to create a community on your Web site? What is the ideal extent of collaboration? I was left with the clear sense that community and collaboration are essential to nearly all publishing Web sites.
We then featured two sessions on cross-media publishing strategies. Bill Rosenblatt is the expert. It struck me that there are still a lot of unanswered questions around cross-media publishing, but absolutely no question about the necessity and reality of this phenomenon — not only is it essential, but the tools are there today.

Bill Trippe wasn’t available to moderate “Publishing for International Audiences: Top Challenges and Best Practices” but he had selected two great speakers: Stéphane Dayras, technical services manager for Quark in Europe, and Ben Martin, senior analyst at Flatirons Solutions in Colorado. They were the perfect pairing. Stéphane introduced the topic broadly, and offered a true international perspective. Ben is “the scientist,” and showed extensive details of planning for this tough challenge. Most of the audience stayed behind for an extra half-hour.

Where do we go from here? I’d love to hear from attendees with suggestions. I think we still face a challenge effectively blending this publishing content into the broader Gilbane conference. But I think we’ve given it a home.

Aging: Web Years Are Worse Than Dog Years

This was one of my favorite quotes from Sun’s April 10th presentation at Gilbane San Francisco, titled Managing Content Globally: What Works, What Doesn’t. Given by Jed Michnowicz, Engineering Lead, and Youngmin Radochonski, Globalization Program Manager, the presentation opened the LISA Forum on Day 1 of the conference.

Jed and Youngmin nailed it when they defined three key components of a global content platform: content management, translation, and delivery. As they outlined the struggles of legacy challenges in all three areas, a pattern of checklist items for the audience quickly surfaced. Lack of metadata. “Siloed” mindsets, workflow, and content repositories. Static Web server content delivery. Inconsistent messaging. Slow time to market. Cost overruns. As moderator, it is always interesting to scan the faces in the crowd for reactions. During this part of the presentation the response was palpable: “got that, got that, and yes, definitely got that.”

They also nailed it when they moved to the “here’s the good news” part of the presentation. Global awareness throughout the organization. Process alignment and consistency. Separation of content from presentation. Translation memory management and sharing. Integrated content and translation workflows. Automated, Web services-based content distribution. They described what is most definitely a “Level 2+” integration from a technology perspective. At this point, the audience response was equally palpable: “want that, want that, and yes, definitely want that.”

Wrapping up the success story with lessons learned (according to people, process, and technology categories; be still my heart!) Jed and Youngmin also noted that Sun, like most organizations, is still learning. Some of the questions they posed — which we will continue to explore on this blog — included:

  • What takes precedence when solving for people, process and technology?
  • What is the proper globalization strategy and who defines it?
  • Can a single solution work for everyone?

On behalf of The Gilbane Group and LISA, we thank these excellent presenters for a job well done. This presentation will be available here this week; check out one of my other favorite quotes emblazoned on the t-shirt on the last slide.

Google and Microsoft debate Enterprise Search in keynote at Gilbane San Francisco

Join us on April 11, 8:30 am at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco for Gilbane San Francisco 2007

We have expanded our opening keynote to include a special debate between Microsoft and Google on Enterprise Search and Information Access, in addition to our discussion on all content technologies with IBM, Oracle & Adobe.

You still have time to join us for this important and lively debate at the Palace Hotel, April 11. The keynote is open to all attendees, even those only planning to visit the technology showcase. The full keynote runs from 8:30am to 10:15am followed by a coffee break and the opening of the technology showcase, and now includes:

Keynote Panel: Content Technology Industry Update PART 2
Google and Microsoft are competing in many areas on many levels. One area which both are ramping-up quickly is enterprise search. In this part of the opening keynote, we bring the senior product managers face to face to answer our questions about their plans and what this means for enterprise information access and content management strategies.

Moderator: Frank Gilbane, Conference Chair, CEO, Gilbane Group, Inc.
Jared Spataro, Group Product Manager, Enterprise Search, Microsoft
Nitin Mangtani, Lead Product Manager, Google Search Appliance, Google

See the complete keynote description.

Gilbane San Francisco 2007
Content management, enterprise search, localization, collaboration, wikis, publishing …
Complete conference information is at

Adobe, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle Executives to Participate in Keynote Panel at Gilbane San Francisco 2007

The Gilbane Group and Lighthouse Seminars announced that executives from Adobe, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle will participate in the Gilbane San Francisco 2007 keynote panel, “Content Technology Industry Update,” on Wednesday, April 11th at 8:30 a.m. at the Palace Hotel. Taking place April 10-12, the Gilbane Conference San Francisco has greatly expanded its collection of educational programs, including sessions focused on web and other enterprise content management applications, enterprise search and information access technologies, publishing technology, wikis, blogs and collaboration tools, and information on globalization and translation technology. The “Content Technology Industry Update” keynote panel will focus on the most important strategic issues technical and business managers need to consider for both near and long term success in managing content and content technologies in the context of enterprise applications. The keynote panel discussion is completely interactive (i.e., no presentations). With six tracks and 35 sessions to choose from, attendees have the opportunity to participate in a conference program focused on educating attendees about the latest content management technologies from experienced content management practitioners, consultants, and technologists.

Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle & Content Technologies at Gilbane San Francisco

We have a great keynote panel lined-up for Gilbane San Francisco next month. If you want to know what the largest software suppliers are doing and developing for enterprise content applications, whether content management, search, collaboration, or delivery, you won’t want to miss this panel of senior executives who are leading the content technology efforts at these companies. You won’t find a line-up like this elsewhere. Here is the keynote panel info with link:

Keynote Panel: Content Technology Industry Update
We open each of our conferences with a panel of content technology and market experts. The panel is chosen to address the most important strategic issues technical and business managers need to consider for both near term and long term success in managing content and content technologies in the context of enterprise applications. The session is completely interactive (i.e., no presentations). Before embarking on a content management, search, publishing, collaboration or globalization strategy or project, you need to understand not only the vertical and horizontal solutions from the technology suppliers that address your specific content-oriented business applications, but also what the major platform providers are doing and how their offerings fit into your plans, or not. In San Francisco this year we look at what the largest software suppliers are doing that will affect enterprise content strategies both directly and indirectly. This is a session you won’t want to miss.

Moderator: Frank Gilbane, Conference Chair, CEO, Gilbane Group, Inc.
Paul Taylor, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect, Enterprise Content Management, IBM
Kumar Vora, VP, Product Management, Enterprise & Developer Solutions, Adobe
Rich Buchheim, Senior Director, Enterprise Content Management Strategy, Oracle
TBD, Microsoft

If you can’t make the full 3-day conference, remember that the keynote is open to all “exhibit-only” attendees as well.

3rd Annual Gilbane San Francisco 2007 Conference Announces Tracks and Sessions

For Immediate Release:

Tracks Include:

Content ManagementWeb Content ManagementEnterprise SearchCollaboration & Enterprise Blogs & Wikis, Publishing and Content Globalization

Welz & Weisel Communications
Evan Weisel, 703-218-3555
Cell: 703-628-5754

Jeffrey V. Arcuri
Lighthouse Seminars

Boston MA, February 5, 2007. The Gilbane Group and Lighthouse Seminars today announced conference tracks for the Gilbane Conference San Francisco, taking place April 10-12, 2007, at the Palace Hotel. The 2007 event returns to San Francisco with a greatly expanded collection of educational programs, including tracks focused on web and other enterprise content management applications, enterprise search and information access technologies, publishing technology, wikis, blogs and collaboration tools, and information on globalization and translation technology.

Tracks and sample conference sessions at the Gilbane Conference San Francisco include:

Content Management Track
This track is focused on strategies and technologies for managing multiple types of content, either with different types of repository systems, or with supporting technologies. IT and business strategists and all types of content managers will benefit from sessions in this track.

  • The Analysts Debate Content Technologies and Trends
  • Defining the BPM/ECM Intersection
  • Introduction to Enterprise DRM

Web Content Management Track
WCM as a discipline is still in its infancy. If you are responsible for a website, or the content management system or strategy behind your organization’s web presence, this entire track will be relevant to you.

  • Different Approaches to Purchasing a CMS: Open Source vs. SaaS/ASP vs. Licensed
  • Don’t Forget Your Site is for Your Customers

Enterprise Search Track
Sessions will place focus on the types of search problems enterprises have and need to solve by examining both cases and the technologies being turned to in medium and large organizations. How organizations make choices about what types of products to select and implement will also be explored in this track.

  • The Arena: Differentiating Search Products
  • Search and the IT Role for Enterprise-wide Initiatives

Collaboration & Enterprise Blogs & Wikis Track
The Gilbane Group has been covering the use of blog and wiki technologies for enterprise applications since 2005. This track will bring attendees up-to-speed on the technologies, why companies are using them, and what kinds of enterprise applications such “social software” is appropriate for.

  • Enterprise Wiki CEO/CTO Panel
  • Collaboration & Web 2.0 Technologies

Publishing Technology and Best Practices
There is a constant stream of new technology options that could have a profound impact on publishing processes. Customers are demanding that intellectual property be delivered in the media that they prefer and they may require multiple media forms of the same content. The trend towards online communities and the increased deployment of collaboration technologies enables new methodologies for authoring and reviewing. These sessions will help publishing professionals to consider these future trends and developments.

  • The Future of Publishing: Key Influences and Macro Trends
  • Cross-Media Strategy: Tools & Technologies, Processes, Skills, & Organizational Challenges

LISA Forum & Workshops
Since 1990, the LISA Forums and Global Strategies Summits have been dedicated to delivering best practices and standards for facilitating international business. Conference sessions include:

  • Authoring for Global Audiences: Closing the Gap Between Authoring and Localization
  • Managing Content Globally: What Works, What Doesnt

The conference program schedule, tutorial, track and session descriptions are all available on the conference site. For more information visit:

Complete conference schedule:

Pre-conference tutorials:

Conference session descriptions:

The complete LISA program description:

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