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Marketing Technologists on Multichannel and Enterprise Integration

Marketing technologists are no longer rare birds, though they are often found in unfamiliar environments with less than obvious plumage. There are marketing technologists in many of our sessions this year, but we have selected a few to look at the two toughest challenges they, and their organizations, face in building modern digital strategies: support for consistent current and future multichannel experiences, and the necessary integration of data from multiple enterprise systems.

Join us Tuesday, December, 2: 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. at the Gilbane Conference to learn more.

T1. Track Keynote Panel: Marketing Technologists Discuss Multichannel and Enterprise Integration Challenges

Scott Brinker, Founder & CTO, ion interactive, inc. and Author, Chief Marketing Technologist Blog

Bill Simmons, CTO/Co-Founder, DataXu
Frederick Faulkner, Director, Marketing & Digital Strategist, ICF Interactive
Vikalp Tandon, Director and North America Customer Platform Lead, SapientNitro

IBM Acquires Datacap

IBM announced the acquisition of Datacap Inc., a privately-held company based in Tarrytown, NY. Datacap is a provider of software that enables organizations to transform the way they capture, manage and automate the flow of business information to improve business processes, reduce paper costs or manual errors and meet compliance mandates. Financial terms were not disclosed. The acquisition strengthens IBM’s ability to help organizations digitize, manage and automate their information assets, particularly in paper-intensive industries such as healthcare, insurance, government and finance. Additionally, regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley have demanded new standards and now legislation is encouraging the adoption of new records management solutions, including scanning and capture to increase accuracy, lower costs and speed business processes to meet these regulations.

EntropySoft Adds Open Text Vignette Connector

EntropySoft announced the commercial release of an Open Text Vignette Content Management connector. Features for the read/write connector include preparing Vignette content for search, e-discovery, Records Management or for daily document transfers. This connector aims to facilitate web publishing of content coming from different sources and speed up the update of sites. The connector should also be able to integrate vertical applications working with Vignette content. The EntropySoft Vignette Content Management connector works with the Vignette Management Console API. The connector is a single java library, a .jar file. The EntropySoft Vignette connector allows the creation and modification of Vignette objects such as sites, channels, projects and documents. The Vignette connector will be CMIS-compliant when the specification is available. The Vignette connector can also be integrated in third-party applications or used in conjunction with EntropySoft’s content hub or Content ETL.

DataDirect Announces New Release of XML Data Integration Suite

DataDirect Technologies, an operating company of Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ- PRGS), announced the latest release of the DataDirect Data Integration Suite featuring new versions of its XML-based component technologies for data integration in traditional and service-oriented environments. Designed to meet the data transformation and aggregation needs of developers, the DataDirect Data Integration Suite contains the latest product releases of DataDirect XQuery, DataDirect XML Converters (Java and .NET) and Stylus Studio in one installation. DataDirect XQuery is an XQuery processor that enables developers to access and query XML, relational data, Web services, EDI, legacy, or a combination of data sources. New to version 4.0 is full support for the XQuery Update Facility (XUF), an extension of the XQuery language that allows making changes to data manipulated inside the XQuery. Now developers can more easily update individual XML documents, XML streams, and file collections from within their XQuery applications. The product also includes the ability to update and create Zip files, therefore supporting the OpenOffice XML format. The latest release of the DataDirect XML Converters are compatible with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 and are integrated in the Microsoft BizTalk development environment. For healthcare organizations needing to comply with the X12 electronic data interchange (EDI) standards and the latest Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 5010 transaction definitions, the DataDirect XML Converters now include support for the HIPAA EDI dialects including 004010A1, 005010 and 005010A1 messages. Stylus Studio 2009 has a new EDI to XML module that works with DataDirect XML Converters in an interactive way. Users can now load EDI documents to view contents, test conversions, create customizations and preview XML.

MuseGlobal Completes Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 Integration

MuseGlobal announced the adoption of its content integration platform by Microsoft’s SharePoint Server 2007 enterprise suite. With Muse technology, SharePoint customers are now able to present local and licensed content to their enterprise users in a controlled and protected environment. The Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is an enterprise portal platform that makes it easy to build and maintain portal sites. Through consolidated access to existing business applications and content, companies can drive consistent performance of common business tasks, and SharePoint’s integrated Web content management capabilities enable people to publish Web content with a content authoring tool and a built-in approval process. MuseGlobal search integration and management systems enable institutions to build search products and services, unifying a wide range of content sources into custom search solutions.

Vamosa Launches Free Content Analysis and Migration Software for SharePoint 2007

Vamosa has launched free content analysis and migration software for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The free software combines Vamosa Community Edition and Vamosa developed SharePoint 2007 connector technology. Vamosa Community Edition was originally released in November 2006 as generic content analysis and migration software downloadable for free from It combines the full functionality of Vamosa’s software, Vamosa Content Analyser and Vamosa Content Migrator, into a single product. The extension of Vamosa Community Edition to include the Microsoft SharePoint 2007 connector allows the SharePoint community to capitalise on the benefits an automated approach to analysis and migration has to offer. Although the software will continue with the limitation of 1000 pages users will be able to: Gain a detailed understanding of up to 1000 pages of content in the fastest manner possible, Improve content quality through the removal of duplicate and out-dated content, Enhance content via the application of relevant metadata, and Reduce the pain involved in migrating content to SharePoint. Vamosa plans to release further editions of Vamosa Community Edition for other leading ECM vendors. Offerings for IBM and Interwoven are due in the near future. Vamosa Community Edition for SharePoint can also be downloaded from

Vamosa Announces Vamosa Content Migrator Version 2.9

Vamosa has released version 2.9 of their content analysis and migration software, Vamosa Content Migrator. Vamosa Content Migrator version 2.9 has enhanced document migration capabilities and introduces ‘link cohesion’ for the document world. Link Cohesion has been a long-standing feature of Vamosa Content Migrator and has been used to great effect when migrating web content to translate all internal website hyperlinks. The extension of this functionality to incorporate documents will be beneficial to organisations with large document and content repositories. Link Cohesion for documents allows Vamosa Content Migrator to analyse organisation’s documents (Word, Excel or PDF etc) and examine links held within those documents. Where necessary the product will automatically and intelligently adjust these links to maintain their validity and ensure that the content referred to by the link remains accessible in the new content management system and architecture.

Enterprise Portal Report & Tutorial

Our colleagues over at CMS Watch have published a new report on enterprise portals. As our earlier reports here and here on the portal market suggested, the list of vendors covered in the report shows the market is now dominated by infrastructure players. Janus Boye, the author of the report is giving a tutorial on Enterprise Portal Software: Architecture and Products – Intensive Review & Roadmap for Product Selection at our upcoming conference in San Francisco, and also speaking on Challenges in Integrating Portals & Content Management Systems. The report, tutorial, and conference session would be a great way to get fully up-to-speed on corporate portals and content management.

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