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Why Big Data is important to Gilbane Conference attendees

If you think there is too much hype, and gratuitous use of the term, big data, you haven’t seen anything yet. But don’t make the mistake of confusing the hype with how fundamental and how transformational big data is and will certainly be. Just turn your hype filter to high and learn enough about it to make your own judgements about how it will affect your business and whether it is something you need to do something about now, or monitor for future planning.

As I said yesterday in a comment on a post by Sybase CTO Irfan Khan Gartner dead wrong about big data hype cycle (with a response from Gartner):

However Gartner’s Hype Cycle is interpreted I think it is safe to say that most, including many analysts, underestimate how fundamental and how far-reaching big data will be. How rapidly its use will evolve, and in which applications and industries first, is a more difficult and interesting discussion. The twin brakes of a shortage of qualified data scientist skills and the costs and complexities of IT infrastructure changes will surely slow things down and cause disillusionment. On the other hand we have all been surprised by how fast some other fundamental changes have ramped up, and BDaaS (Big Data as a Service) will certainly help accelerate things. There is also a lot more big data development and deployment activity going on than many realize – it is a competitive advantage after all.

There is also a third “brake” which is all the uncertainty around privacy issues. There is already a lot of consumer data that is not being fully used because of fear of customer backlash or new regulation and, one hopes, because of a degree of respect for consumer’s privacy.

Rob Rose expanded on some specific concerns of marketers in a recent post Big Data & Marketing – It’s A Trap!, including the lack of resources for interpreting even the current mostly website analytics data marketers already have. It’s true, and not just for smaller companies. In addition there are at least four requirements for making big data analytics accessible to marketers that are largely beyond the reach of most current organizations.

Partly to the rescue is Big Data as a Service BDaaS (one of the more fun-sounding acronyms). BDaaS is going to be a huge business. All the big technology infrastructure firms are getting involved and all the analytics vendors will all have cloud and big data services. There are also many new companies including some surprises. For example, after developing its own Hadoop-based big data analytics expertise Sears created subsidiary MetaScale to provide BDaaS to other enterprises. Ajay Agarwal from Bain Capital Ventures predicts that the confluence of big data and marketing will lead to several new multi-billion dollar companies and I think he is right.

But while big data is important for the marketers, content managers, and IT who attend our conference because of the potential for enhanced predictive analytics and content marketing. The reach and value of big data applications is far broader than marketing – executives need to understand the potential for new efficiencies, products and businesses. The well-known McKinsey report “Big Data: The Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition, and Productivity” (free) is a good place to start. If you are in the information business I focus on that in my report Big-Data: Big Deal or Just Big Buzz? (not free).

Big data presentations at Gilbane Boston

This year we have six presentations on big data, two devoted to big data and marketing and all chosen with an eye towards the needs of our audience of marketers, content strategists, and IT. You can find out more about these presentations, including their date and time on the conference program.


Bill Simmons, CTO, DataXu
Why Marketing Needs Big Data

Main Conference Presentations

Tony Jewitt, VP Big Data Solutions at Avalon Consulting, LLC
“Big Data” 101 for Business

Bryan Bell, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Expert System
Semantics and the Big Data Opportunity

Brian Courtney, General Manager of Operations Data Management, GE Intelligent Platforms
Leveraging Big Data Analytics

Darren Guarnaccia, Senior VP, Product Marketing, Sitecore
Big Data: What’s the Promise and Reality for Marketers?

Stefan Andreasen, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Kapow Software
Big Data: Black Hole or Strategic Value?

Update: There is now a video of me being interviewed on big data by CMS-Connected.

Cloud-Based Marketing Analytics Suite Launched By IBM

IBM has announced a cloud-based Web analytics and digital marketing suite aimed at helping its business customers automate online marketing campaigns across digital channels, such as Websites, social media networks and mobile phones. The new IBM offering combines software from the acquisitions of Coremetrics and Unica and provides analytics that help companies fine-tune marketing campaigns and create personalised offers in real-time across online channels. For example, businesses would be able to evaluate Facebook or Twitter activity, and offer tailored promotions delivered to their mobile devices on the fly. IBM’s suite also enables businesses to deliver and fine-tune digital marketing programmes based on what customers are doing offline. For instance, a consumer who purchased a new tablet in a brick-and-mortar store would receive special offers via email to purchase tablet accessories.

Rivet Software Launches Crossfire 3.0 for Financial Communications

Rivet Software, the premier provider of standards-based business reporting and analytics, announced the release of Crossfire 3.0, an enhanced software platform that simplifies the process of SEC financial filings by managing the complicated preparation and review processes. Crossfire uses eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) technology to control document progression and centralize reviewers’ comments. Crossfire 3.0 is a standards-based reporting platform that specializes in internal and external financial reporting and analytics. Based on an XBRL framework, Crossfire 3.0 simplifies the user experience by eliminating the file management issue. Rivet’s integrated solution allows its customers to control the financial reporting cycle and comply with all SEC filing needs. Crossfire 3.0 includes an integrated Reviewer’s Guide that allows preparers and reviewers to closely collaborate across multiple iterations as the filing progresses from inception to completion. With this guide, users no longer need to interact with standalone documents to review XBRL tag selections and comment information. This “single document” system streamlines the process for reviewing and approving filings in a way not previously available. Crossfire 3.0 now preserves existing tags and comments when rolling forward from one filing to the next. When new data matches an XBRL tag from the previous quarter, Crossfire recognizes the match and automatically applies the tag throughout the document. The latest release of Crossfire allows users to change XBRL-tagged data in one location and instantly apply that change to exact-matched data throughout the entire document. Crossfire 3.0 includes the ability to split the XBRL templates so a filing can be worked on by different people in parallel. Once the separate pieces are complete, a user can simply merge them back into the master file. Crossfire 3.0 is supported by Rivet’s global professional services team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Adobe to Acquire Omniture

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) and Omniture, Inc. (Nasdaq:OMTR) announced the two companies have entered into a definitive agreement for Adobe to acquire Omniture in a transaction valued at approximately $1.8 billion on a fully diluted equity-value basis. Under the terms of the agreement, Adobe will commence a tender offer to acquire all of the outstanding common stock of Omniture for $21.50 per share in cash. By combining Adobe’s content creation tools and clients with Omniture’s Web analytics, measurement and optimization technologies Adobe will deliver solutions intended to enhance engaging experiences and e-commerce across all digital content, platforms and devices. For designers, developers and online marketers, an integrated workflow, with optimization capabilities embedded in the creation tools, will streamline the creation and delivery of relevant content and applications. This optimization will help advertisers and advertising agencies, publishers, and e-tailers to realize greater ROI from their digital media investments and improve their end users’ experiences.

Gilbane Report Team Expands with Laplante as VP Consulting Services & Zoellick as Senior Analyst


Industry Veterans on Board to Manage Growth of Content Technology Works™ Program and Industry Consulting Services

Mary Laplante
(630) 820.3007

Cambridge , MA , May 18, 2004. Bluebill Advisors, Inc. and the Gilbane Report announced the appointment of two highly respected industry veterans to meet the rapidly growing demand for the company’s consulting services. Mary Laplante has joined the company as Vice President, Consulting Services, and will be responsible for the management and operations of the Content Technology Works Program, Gilbane Report webinars, white papers, and consulting projects. Mary is well known throughout the content technology industry from her extensive industry sales, marketing, and management experience, from her work as an analyst, writer, and consultant, and from her role as Founding Executive Director of OASIS ( Mary’s experience and exceptional management and organizational skills will help grow the Gilbane Report CTW program and consulting activities to the next level. Mary will also chair the CTW Track at the Gilbane Conference on Content Management Technologies Conference in Boston.

Bill Zoellick has also joined the Gilbane Report as Senior Analyst, and will be devoting his considerable analytical and writing skills to the Gilbane CTW and White Paper programs. Bill is a highly regarded author whose books include CyberRegs: A Business Guide to Web Property, Privacy, and Patents, and Web Engagement: Connecting to Customers in e-Business, both from Addison-Wesley. Bill’s insightful and penetrating analysis has informed his many roles as a manager, researcher, developer and author in the content and information management industry.

“It is great to be working with Mary and Bill again,” said Frank Gilbane, CEO of Bluebill Advisors, “Bill, Mary, and Adina Levin worked with me as analysts at CAP Ventures in the mid-nineties where they developed a prodigious amount of sought-after analysis for the industry, including the very first research report on Content Management in 1997. Their experience and knowledge will be a great resource for all our customers.” Sebastian Holst, founder of the Gilbane CTW program, will continue to be a valuable contributor to the Gilbane Report.

About Bluebill Advisors, The Gilbane Report 
Bluebill Advisors, Inc. serves the content management community with publications, conferences and consulting services. The Gilbane Report ( administers the Content Technology Works™ program disseminating best practices with partners Software AG (TECdax:SOW), Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ:SUNW), Artesia Technologies, Atomz, Context Media, Convera (NASDAQ:CNVR), INSCI (OTCBB:INSS), Trados, Vasont, Venetica, and Vignette (NASDAQ:VIGN).


Mondosoft Enhances BehaviorTracking

Mondosoft announced enhancements to its third generation search activity and visitor behavior reporting software, BehaviorTracking. BehaviorTracking 5.1 offers insight into web site visitors’ behavior and identifies new trends on the web site, and new content demands. It gives a picture of the site performance, success in meeting users’ expectations as well as a number of success metrics. The information is available online and sent directly with individual content to the inboxes of management, marketing, and web editors. BehaviorTracking 5.1 was built using .NET technology and has been integrated and tested to support Microsoft’s Enterprise server product suite. Along with the BehaviorTracking enhancements, Mondosoft offers an InformationManager tool kit that use search best practice metrics, to apply findings from the search and visitor behavior data for continual site tuning and optimization.

InQuira Embeds Analytics in Inquira 6

InQuira, Inc. announces the availability of Web analytics embedded as part of its InQuira 6 customer search and navigation application. InQuira 6 enables Web site visitors to ask a question in natural language and then interprets the real intent of their query, automatically responding with the answer and guiding the user to additional related information and opportunities to buy products and services. InQuira 6 utilizes content diagnostics to measure the quality of each users’ Web experience, enabling businesses to identify content gaps and add new content to improve the Web site. InQuira 6 contains a new analytics architecture and an extensive set of new reports. The architecture features an OLAP engine, a normalized reporting database, a star-schema analytics database, and a built-in business intelligence tool. The reports provide enhanced information, ranging from aggregated management information to drilldown into individual users, questions and sessions.