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e-Spirit Integrates FirstSpirit CMS Into Liferay Portal

e-Spirit AG has added the open source Liferay Portal to their range of possibilities for integration of the FirstSpirit content management system into enterprise portals. The module was developed in cooperation with e-Spirit’s technology partner USU. Integrating FirstSpirit in Liferay will allow organizations to create employee portals that combine Enterprise 2.0 functionality, IT applications, content and collaboration. Organizations will also be able to provide their employees with access to Web 2.0 functions such as forums, blogs and wikis and offering them a platform to efficiently organize collaboration and share information beyond individual departments. The new module will be available in May.

Open Text Announces Vignette Portal 8.0

Open Text Corporation (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC) announced a new release of its enterprise portal solution, Vignette Portal version 8.0. Vignette Portal 8.0 simplifies the administration and creation of dynamic, content-rich Web sites with the ability to rapidly syndicate portal applications across Web properties powered by multiple systems. Portal 8.0  enables additional social media capabilities that align with Open Text’s development of Enterprise 2.0 solutions. Open Text recently announced that it plans to enhance its ECM Suite with Web solutions powered by technology from its existing Web Solutions and Vignette. Vignette Portal 8.0, together with the user experience foundation of Vignette Community Applications, provides organizations with more than 100 social portlets that add capabilities such as wikis, blogs, idea sharing and event calendars to any portal site. Additionally, Vignette Portal 8.0 provides user presentation services to the upcoming Vignette Content Management version 8.0 release, slated for Q4 2009. Vignette Portal 8.0 is available immediately.,

Liferay Portal Standardizes on jQuery

Liferay, Inc. announced plans to standardize its products on jQuery, an open source JavaScript Library used to simplify the writing of JavaScript code. Liferay, Inc. will now also provide business support for jQuery technology. While other libraries may still be used, Liferay, Inc. will be standardized to use jQuery and its plugins. As part of its focus on jQuery technology, Liferay, Inc. is now also offering three levels of support for jQuery and jQuery UI, the highest of which features 24-7, one hour response times.

Liferay and Terracotta Partner

Liferay, Inc. and Terracotta announced a partnership to integrate the Liferay Portal feature set with the scalability provided by Terracotta. In addition to technical integration, Liferay will bundle Terracotta and serve as a reseller of support. Terracotta offers IT organizations a lightweight approach to scalability that eases the load on application servers and databases. Terracotta uses high-performance mapping of server memory changes, called Network-attached Memory, to share temporary “work-in-progress” data among servers. That makes an application available without placing such temporary data in a relational database.,

Vignette Releases Portal Update

Vignette (NASDAQ:VIGN) announced the worldwide availability of its latest Vignette Portal release. Vignette Portal enhanced features include: Support for Web 2.0 technologies like mashups and AJAX; Enhanced personalization through multi-language support; Federated search capabilities, enabling users to query a wide range of internal and external data sources, including Microsoft Exchange, Google, Yahoo and Lotus Notes; Customizable URLs to help drive traffic and improve search engine optimization; and Advanced dashboard capabilities.

IBM to Make Google Gadgets and Sitemaps Available to Corporate Portal Users

IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced that it is bringing Google Gadgets – or consumer-style web utilities – into commercial portal software. Available at no cost to WebSphere Portal and WebSphere Portal Express Version 6.0 customers, IBM now lets users create, customize and use rich Internet applications with Google Gadgets directly from within WebSphere Portal so they appear as ready-to-use services. Users can choose from nearly 4,000 Google Gadgets such as language translators, package delivery tracking, Podcast searches, Wikipedia information, YouTube postings and more. These features can be offered through a company’s portal with a click of a button. IBM is also announcing its search sitemap utility, based on a new sitemap protocol, agreed on by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, that will make it possible to optimize publication of portal content for improved search by public search engines. This feature also includes the ability to notify search engines of the update frequency, last modification date, and relative priority of the content that is being published. The end result is an improved content relationship with external search engines so that all of the public content in a portal can be found and crawled efficiently. The IBM Portlet for Google Gadgets will be available in April via IBM WebSphere Portal catalog. WebSphere Portal Version 6.0 customers, including those using WebSphere Portal Express to deploy solutions for Small and Medium Sized businesses and WebSphere Portal Server Version 6.0 are entitled to use Google Gadget at no cost. Enablement for the Sitemap 0.90 protocol will be delivered for WebSphere Portal as a sitemap utility that customers can download from the WebSphere Portal catalog later in 2007.

IBM Offers Portal Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced IBM WebSphere Portal Express Version 6.0, the collaborative portal solution that provides a pre-built intranet and extranet experience out of the box for immediate use. WebSphere Portal Express Version 6.0 is a new solution that allows businesses of less than 1,000 employees or departments within large organizations to be more productive and more responsive to their customers. WebSphere Portal Express provides integrated portal, document management, Web content management and collaboration capabilities in a single package with flexible pricing options. WebSphere Portal Express includes IBM Lotus Component Designer Version 6.0, a development tool that script developers, IBM Lotus Domino application designers, Visual Basic developers and others can use to create applications. IBM WebSphere Portal Express Version 6.0 will be available on January 30, 2007, and is priced at $2,300 per 20 user pack, limited to 1000 registered users, or $39,999 per processor (100 processor value units).,

Enterprise Portal Report & Tutorial

Our colleagues over at CMS Watch have published a new report on enterprise portals. As our earlier reports here and here on the portal market suggested, the list of vendors covered in the report shows the market is now dominated by infrastructure players. Janus Boye, the author of the report is giving a tutorial on Enterprise Portal Software: Architecture and Products – Intensive Review & Roadmap for Product Selection at our upcoming conference in San Francisco, and also speaking on Challenges in Integrating Portals & Content Management Systems. The report, tutorial, and conference session would be a great way to get fully up-to-speed on corporate portals and content management.

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