RAI Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Co-located with the
Seybold PDF Summit
June 12-13

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Seybold-Gilbane Content Management Intensive

A 1-day concentrated examination of trends, issues, and best practices

RAI Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Chaired By: Frank Gilbane

Most mid- to large-size companies by now have implemented some sort of content management system, and larger companies have multiple systems in place. Some implementations have focused on Web content, some on documents, some on digital assets, and some on integration with enterprise data. All businesses now need to understand what they have learned from their early implementations and make plans to continue to gain control of their content in less risky, more cost-effective ways. In many cases, integrating the various repositories is the next big challenge. With the technology, the players, and the knowledge from “lessons learned” changing constantly, businesses cannot afford to assume their content management strategies are optimal, in tune with industry best practices, or even competitive. Our one-day intensive update helps you get started confidently on new content management strategy, and helps you checkpoint your current implementation against what other businesses are doing and what can now be accomplished.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone responsible for content management strategies or implementations within their organizations, from business managers to technical managers, including: CTOs, CIOs, IT VPs/directors/managers, managing directors, technology strategists, content management project managers, corporate information managers, intranet/extranet and corporate portal developers and managers, Web administrators, Webmasters, and Web developers, information architects, content management system managers, database managers, system integrators, consultants, industry analysts, VPs/directors of marketing, VPs/directors of product support.

Reason for Attending:

The Content Management Intensive provides a quick start for IT strategists, project managers, and business line managers who need to make critical decisions about planning, implementing, or retooling strategies for managing content. Our one-day total immersion in content management ensures that whatever decisions you make will be based on a clear understanding of the market and technical trends, as well as the experience of practitioners. The day starts with a high-level overview, progresses to presentations on the most critical aspects of content management, and concludes with an interactive panel to help get you started in a dialog with consultants and technologists.


Industry Update and Critical Issues
Wednesday, 6/11 - 10:00am–11:30am

Frank Gilbane
Editor, The Gilbane Report

Erik M Hartman
Consultant, Hartman Communicatie BV

Begin the day with an overview of what is happening in content management today. We look at the current trends, new technologies, and summarize user and practitioner experiences. Gain insight into the relevant and important issues facing companies planning or deploying content management strategies and systems. Areas covered include the relation between content, document, and digital asset management; building information models; integrating content from multiple repositories; and how to get started navigating the vast sea of overlapping technologies.

XML and Content Management
Wednesday, 6/11 - 1:00pm–2:30pm

Moderator: Arjan Loeffen, Consultant/Architect, Salience

Guillaume Brandenburg
Pre Sales and Channel Manager, EuroCortex

Ellyn Larson
Director, Portalyx B.V.

Tom Peire
Marketing Director, Enfocus Software

XML is a technology that needs to be part of every IT strategy for application integration, information integration, and, of course, for content management. It is almost inconceivable for an enterprise content management strategy not to include XML. But just what should its role be? Should content be stored in XML or just shared in XML? Should XML be used for metadata only, content, or both? Or should XML just be used as Web service plumbing? In this concentrated workshop, you learn what businesses are doing today with XML and enterprise content management, how to think about the different roles XML can or should play in your own environment, and how to get started in XML.

Content Management Case Studies
Wednesday, 6/11 - 2:45pm–4:15pm

Moderator: Erik M Hartman, Consultant, Hartman Communicatie BV

Hans Bol

Guy Ducarne
Project Implementation Specialist, Club Med

Paul ten Donkelaar, Baan

There is no better way to learn than to examine what others have done, either successfully or not. Often examples from a different industry can be the most enlightening as they provide a fresh perspective on approaches that may give you an advantage over your competitors. In this session, we look closely at a couple of representative case studies.

Interactive Expert Panel
Wednesday, 6/11 - 4:30pm–6:00pm

Moderator: Frank Gilbane, The Gilbane Report

Henri Bergius
Consultant Partner, Nemein Oy

Arjan van Rooijen
Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Tridion

Paola Di Maio
Editor, Content-wire.com

Peter Webster
Managing Director, Percussion

A selected panel of experts reviews what has been discussed during the day, provides alternative insights into the issues, and answers your questions. This session helps you assimilate what you have learned during the day so you can return to your project with a well-informed point of view. It's also your chance to get some valuable free advice.



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