If you use analyst firms to inform your technology strategy you have a lot to choose from. Analyst firms come in all shapes and sizes and their individual strengths and weaknesses, especially in terms of technology expertise, is not constant. They have the same keeping-up-with-new-technology “whack-a-mole” problem everyone else has. Even worse, analyst firm business models leads to a “create-a-category” challenge, which is further complicated by the needs of their technology product customers who have their own ideas about product categories and trends.

Companies that can afford it wisely hedge their bets by working with multiple analyst firms. But whether you work with one or many choosing them can be intimidating. One useful tool is the annual Analyst Value Survey conducted by Kea Company. They have a detailed report you can buy, but they also publish useful findings and commentary in press releases and their blog.

The Analyst Value Survey (AVS) is the only public survey into how people value different analyst firms like Gartner, Forrester and dozens of mid-sized firms. The survey has been annually held since 2000.

Buyers of analyst services use the results of the AVS to see which firms are perceived as delivering the highest impact on their IT decision making.

Technology Providers use the AVS to improve and justify their prioritisation of relationships with analysts who impact their business.

Research Firms use the AVS to understand how they can deliver more value and overtake their competition.

See more information about their survey, or share your own experience by taking the survey now.