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Day: April 3, 2006 (Page 2 of 2)

WebSideStory Launches HBX Analytics 3.5

WebSideStory, Inc. (NASDAQ:WSSI) announced the launch of HBX Analytics 3.5, which expands the dimensions of analysis beyond the tracking of traditional HTML content to include streaming media and mobile device user behavior. These capabilities enable marketers to analyze the activity of an entirely new set of visitor demographics. HBX 3.5, which is currently available to customers at no extra charge, includes: Streaming Media Tracking – Customers can quantify audience levels and interaction with streaming audio and video content served on their own web site or distributed to an external web site via Windows Media Player, QuickTime or RealPlayer; and Analysis of Mobile Device User Behavior – Marketers can now get rich information about visitors who access their HTML and WML web sites through mobile devices. This includes defining active segments for all mobile audiences to better understand their unique navigational behavior and content preferences. HBX 3.5 also provides detailed reporting on the mobile devices used by visitors, including brands, models and service providers.

Learn about “Enterprise” Digital Rights Mananagement

Digital Rights Management (DRM) gets a lot of bad press about its use and misuse, much of it well-deserved. But there is a less controversial use of DRM technology for corporate applications. “Enterprise DRM” complements content management, firewalls, and other technologies in helping to ensure that sensitive information such as confidential documents, email, and application data do not fall into the wrong hands or get used in ways it shouldn’t. Much corporate content needs to be managed according to certain rules (having nothing to do with copyright) that are outside the scope of workflow processes, and organizations are paying attention.
Our upcoming Conference on Enterprise DRM at Gilbane San Francisco is the first event devoted exclusively to DRM for corporate applications. The conference, chaired by Bill Rosenblatt of DRM Watch, will be a unique opportunity to explore DRM technologies and how they apply to a wide variety of business environments and technology architectures; several vendors will be on hand to demo their solutions. The program will include several case studies of Enterprise DRM deployments in such applications as financial services, human resources, high-tech manufacturing, and distance learning. The program will also feature leading analysts, including Rosenblatt, Jarad Carleton of Frost & Sullivan, and Trent Henry of Burton Group who will present a framework for analyzing Enterprise DRM solutions.
Executives from Enterprise DRM vendors, including Adobe, Cloakware, EMC/Authentica, Essential Security Software,, Intelligent Wave, Liquid Machines, SealedMedia, and WorkShare will offer insights into technology and the market. The conference will feature panel discussions on technology issues such as Enterprise DRM for mobile devices, secure inter-enterprise collaboration, and integration of Enterprise DRM with content management.
DRM Watch and Gilbane readers can get a special $100 discount off the eDRM conference price of $495 by registering online with discount code “drmwatch”.

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