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Video: Shaun Walker- Combining Open Source with ASP.NET 4.0

Here is the third installment in our post-conference series, staring Shaun Walker from DotNetNuke. It is one half of session T8, Open Source Tools That are Changing the Content Technologies Landscape. Enjoy!

Open Source Web Content Management Strategies


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Video: Daniel Rasmus’ Keynote From Gilbane San Francisco 2010

Here you go folks, the latest in our Post-Conference video series! Thanks for all of your patience with these, we’ll have 2 more videos after this one. (F11 to fullscreen your browser)

Have an iPad? Our Video Channel is iFriendly.

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Video: Jeremiah Owyang Gilbane San Francisco 2010

The first of four videos from our latest conference has been released to the public. Sit back, press F11, and enjoy the show!


Next in the Post-Conference Content Queue: A guest post from Sue Anne Reed, who just enjoyed her first conference through a separate contest held by speaker Robert Rose. She’ll wrap up an awe-inspiring series of notes, which transcribe the sessions she attended.

Stay Tuned!

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Integrating External and Internal Social Efforts to Maximize Business Performance

Today we highlight the Integrating External and Internal Social Efforts to Maximize Business Performances session at Gilbane San Francisco.
This session takes place on May 20th at 11:40am PST.

C6. Integrating External and Internal Social Efforts to Maximize Business Performance

Some organizations have deployed enterprise social software to address both external and internal use cases, but few have created linkages between the two. This session uses customer case studies to demonstrate the business value created by integrating external and internal social collaboration efforts and to highlight some of the related challenges.

Video Introduction

Moderator: Larry Hawes, Lead Analyst, Collaboration & Enterprise Social Software, Gilbane Group

Ken Efta, Co-Founder & Principal Consultant, Allysis
David Rosenberg, Vice President & Development Lead of Internet Services, Edelman
Randy Ziegler, Director of the EMC Community Network, EMC

Have questions about this session or the Customers & Engagement track? Ask Larry Hawes, the track chair and moderator.

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Pick your Workshop: WCM, Social Software, Intranets, XML, Governance, CM Pros

Workshop A: Insider’s Guide to Selecting WCM, Collaboration, and Social Software

Instructor: Tony Byrne, Founder, Real Story Group, CMSWatch

Workshop B: Learn to Develop an Actionable Intranet Strategy

Instructor: Scott Liewehr, Senior Analyst, Web Content Management, Gilbane Group

Workshop C: Managing Smart Content: How to Deploy XML Technologies across Your Organization

Instructors: Dale Waldt, Senior Consultant, XML & Content Technologies, Gilbane Group Geoffrey Bock, Senior Analyst, Collaboration & Social Computing, Gilbane Group

Workshop D: A Methodology for Web Governance

Instructor: Lisa Welchman, Partner, WelchmanPierpoint

Workshop E: Proving the ROI of a CMS

Instructors: CM Pros Members

Workshop F: The State of the CM Union

Instructors: CM Pros Board Members, Lisa Welchman, Partner, WelchmanPierpoint

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Building Robust Content Assets

Today we highlight the Building Robust Content Assets session at Gilbane San Francisco.

This session takes place on May 20th at 2:00pm PST.

T10. Building Robust Content Assets
Robust content can drive many processes designed to realize savings in time and costs and enable high quality, accurate information. Building robust content requires an understanding of the business drivers for your content and the systems that are used to create and manage it. Migrating legacy content to a robust environment will entail adding detail and value to the content before it can enable these benefits. This session focuses on the challenges and goals for creating robust content.

Video Introduction to the session.

Moderator: Dale Waldt, Senior Consultant, Gilbane Group

Andrew Striemer & Chad Miller, Robert Half International
“Pain Free Content Migration at Robert Half International”
Deane Barker, Content Management Practice Director, Blend Interactive
“The Mysterious Art of the Content Inventory”
Dick Weisinger, Software Technologist, Formtek
“Building a Global View of Your Organizational Data”

Have questions about this session or the Content Technologies track? Ask Dale Waldt, the track chair and moderator.

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SharePoint Search – Evaluating Options and Alternatives

Today we highlight the SharePoint Search – Evaluating Options and Alternatives session at Gilbane San Francisco.

This session takes place on May 20th at 8:30am PST.

T4. SharePoint Search – Evaluating Options and Alternatives

With the upcoming release of the lastest versions of SharePoint and Office, many firms are taking a new look at their search strategies in light of the changing offerings from Microsoft. In this session, leading Sharepoint experts will discuss the new look of search in SharePoint and offer their guidance about how to go about building a search strategy that makes sense in light of the goals of the business, the many search systems installed, and the future directions in the technology.

Moderator: Hadley Reynolds, Research Director, Search & Digital Marketplace Technologies, IDC

Miles Kehoe, Senior Strategist & President, New Idea Engineering
Jeff Fried, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

Have questions about this session or the Customers & Engagement track? Ask Hadley Reynolds, the search track chair and moderator.

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Customers & Engagement – focus on the consumer

Today we highlight the Customers & Engagement Track Keynote at Gilbane San Francisco. This session takes place on May 19th at 11:00am PST.

The Customers & Engagement track kicks off appropriately with a focus on our collective audience: the consumer. The experts on this panel have dedicated their careers to understanding the mindset of users, creating top-notch customer experiences both on and off the web, and engaging customers and prospects alike. The intent of this session is twofold: 1) to open the minds of attendees to the perspectives of the audiences they serve, and 2) to learn, through the course of dialog, the techniques and best practices of creating a world-class customer experience.

Moderator: Scott Liewehr, Senior Consultant, Web Content Management, Gilbane Group; President CM Pros

Donna Rossi, VP Global Customer Experience Management, Western Union
Kumar Vora, Vice President & General Manager, Enterprise, Adobe
Shannon Ryan, CEO, non~linear creations
Michael Fisher, Senior VP Sales & Marketing (Americas), Alterian

Have questions about this session or the Customers & Engagement track? Ask Scott Liewehr, the track chair and moderator: email or DM at

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Gilbane San Francisco Social Media Contest

Our contest launches on Monday, and we’ll have a few Conference Plus Packages to give away as well as some Conference Only passes.  In addition to the regular “Luck of the Draw” methods of winning, this contest will also have non-luck aspects to it. I am excited to announce that Bloggers will stand to benefit most this time around, with plenty of incentives to create content in order to win. Check out the rules ahead of time (those wishing to participate in the Blogging feature will need to register with me).  The contest is open to everyone able & willing, and could be expanded in scope depending on participation!

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CM Pros workshop: The State of the CM Union

Gilbane San Francisco 2010 pre-conference workshops are a great way to get up-to-speed quickly with a half-day deep dive. Today we would like to highlight:

Workshop F: A The State of the CM Union

Instructor: Lisa Welchman, Partner, WelchmanPierpoint

These are exciting and challenging times for the Content Management industry – vendor consolidation, fundamental changes in the way people engage, the ubiquity of tools like SharePoint, the debate over the very definition of what makes a CMS – all as the discipline of managing content matures and emerges from IT.

We get the ball rolling on the pre-conference workshops with representatives from the CM Pros Board (including Scott Liewehr and Ian Truscott) and leading guest speakers (including Lisa Welchman) to look at the big picture of what it means to be a CM professional today. We’ll take a look at the trends and offer our perspectives.

We’ll also be revealing the results of our survey, ‘CMState’ – where we’ve called upon the 13,000+ members of the CM Pros extended community to tell us what’s really affecting them, their organizations and their industry. We believe it to be the first and largest survey of content management professionals of its kind.

We won’t just be talking about the technology, the vendors and the strategies, but also about our profession – what it means to be a content management professional. We’ll talk openly about our industry, and how the CM Pros organization can help and what we have planned. As our industry moves and reinvents – so must we.

In this session we will:

  • Exclusively reveal the results of our CMState survey; what are the real trends and challenges our industry is facing – in the words of the people facing them
  • Dissect some of those challenges and trends with thought-provoking presentations and workshop activities
  • Help you connect with your profession as a content management practitioner
  • Give you a primer for the rest of the conference – the sorts of questions we think you should have in mind as you enter the sessions and network with your peers

We look forward to you joining us. In the meantime, how about participating in our survey? It’s open to all and we’ll send you the results in a whitepaper – .

Register today!

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