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Video: Shaun Walker- Combining Open Source with ASP.NET 4.0

Here is the third installment in our post-conference series, staring Shaun Walker from DotNetNuke. It is one half of session T8, Open Source Tools That are Changing the Content Technologies Landscape. Enjoy!

Open Source Web Content Management Strategies


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Video: Daniel Rasmus’ Keynote From Gilbane San Francisco 2010

Here you go folks, the latest in our Post-Conference video series! Thanks for all of your patience with these, we’ll have 2 more videos after this one. (F11 to fullscreen your browser)

Have an iPad? Our Video Channel is iFriendly.

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Video: Jeremiah Owyang Gilbane San Francisco 2010

The first of four videos from our latest conference has been released to the public. Sit back, press F11, and enjoy the show!


Next in the Post-Conference Content Queue: A guest post from Sue Anne Reed, who just enjoyed her first conference through a separate contest held by speaker Robert Rose. She’ll wrap up an awe-inspiring series of notes, which transcribe the sessions she attended.

Stay Tuned!

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Gilbane San Francisco Social Media Contest

Our contest launches on Monday, and we’ll have a few Conference Plus Packages to give away as well as some Conference Only passes.  In addition to the regular “Luck of the Draw” methods of winning, this contest will also have non-luck aspects to it. I am excited to announce that Bloggers will stand to benefit most this time around, with plenty of incentives to create content in order to win. Check out the rules ahead of time (those wishing to participate in the Blogging feature will need to register with me).  The contest is open to everyone able & willing, and could be expanded in scope depending on participation!

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Content Globalization Track Video Preview

In this series of videos Mary details what problems will be addressed and what kinds of businesses can benefit from (3/4) of the Content Globalization Track.

C7. Breaking out of the Silo: Improving Global Content Value Chains by Collaborating Across Departments

T3. Content Metrics: Tools for Measuring ROI in Global Content Infrastructures

P1. Eliminating the Multilingual Multiplier: Addressing the Cost of Producing Formatted Content in Multiple Languages

Not featured:

E4. Reaching More Customers – Case Studies in Multilingual, Multisite WCM

The number one requirement for audience engagement is language. We can’t engage our audiences if we don’t communicate in their preferred language. Leading practitioners show how they are addressing the significant challenges associated with managing global content for multiple websites in multiple languages.

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The First Gilbane SF Video

This is the first in a series of videos that are aimed at enlightening you about all that there is to be excited for in San Francisco in May. These videos will get released on our Facebook Fan Page first, so be sure to fan us in order not to miss any!



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Globalization Sessions at Gilbane San Francisco

Our Gilbane San Francisco conference from June 18-20 extends our discussion of global content to the West Coast. We’ll be talking about the ability to create, define and manage a Global Content Value Chain within two distinct operational areas: customer service and brand management, both highly dependent on accurate, consistent, and contextual multilingual communications.

We’ll also provide content professionals with a succinct knowledge map of translation process and technology components, increasingly handy as the content and translation management worlds collide. Then, onto an update on system integration opportunities based on enterprise strategy rather than ad-hoc processes. Join us!

Globalization Track Lineup: (full grid is here)

GCM-1: Optimizing the Global Content Value Chain: Focus on Product Support Content
Wednesday, June 18: 2:00 – 3:30pm

Product support content includes technical documentation as well as the content that lives with a product or service in many formats and contexts, including pre-sales, post-sales, aftermarket, training, and service. The global economy adds languages as yet another output to the traditional multichannel formula, increasing content volume due to the nuances of dialect and culture. Speakers explain how to build global content value chains that combine core content technologies with heavy doses of authoring assistance, collaboration, automated workflows and project management to documentation and translation processes. Results include multilingual product content that satisfies customers, enables simultaneous shipment of products worldwide, and delivers cost and operational efficiencies.
GCM-2: Optimizing the Global Content Value Chain: Focus on Web Content
Thursday, June 19: 8:30 – 10:00am

Customer-facing Web content must consistently communicate an organization’s core brand regardless of the language through which the message is delivered. The integral role of company Web sites in engaging with customers worldwide means that effective management of multilingual Web content must be central to content and IT strategies. Effectively managing this content presents specialized considerations such as understanding the benefits of machine translation, integration with analytics and search engine optimization tools, and segment-based translation that keeps multiple Web sites in multiple languages in synch with customer expectations. Speakers explain how to build global content value chains that combine brand management techniques with web content creation, management and distribution processes. The result is multilingual Web content that ensures the best brand experience in any language, at any time.
GCM-3: Case Studies in Translation and Localization: Process and Technology Overview for Content Managers
Thursday, June 19: 11 – 12pm

The worlds of language professionals, content managers, program and product managers, and IT are colliding, driven by the growing demand for integrating content management, translation process management, and other processes and practices comprising the global content value chain. The collision can be managed more effectively if all participants understand what’s in the toolboxes of the other groups and how to put them to good use in the context of a total solution. In a case study format, language professionals explain their tools of the trade and show you how they add value to multilingual content. A session in partnership with Multilingual Magazine and Localization World.
GCM-4 & WCM-6: Case Studies in Integration: WCM & GM
Thursday, June 19: 3:30- 5pm

Content and translation management are core processes in the global content value chain. Integrating the systems that handle them is essential to streamlining processes, increasing the volume of language translations, controlling costs, improving efficiencies and ensuring customer satisfaction. To make the most of investment in people, process, and technology, integration of WCM and GM requires an enterprise strategy, not ad hoc processes that are recreated each time a new website is launched. This session uses real-world scenarios to walk you through different approaches to integration so that you can make an informed decision about strategies and practices that are right for your organization.

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Gilbane San Francisco 2007 speaker proposals

With the Boston program complete, we have been getting requests for the deadline for speaking proposals for our Gilbane San Francisco conference April 10-13, 2007. We publish this info at on the bottom of the page when we have it. The deadline for submitting proposals for Gilbane San Francisco 2007 is January 3, 2007.

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