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Gilbane Boston content management conference
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White Papers
  • Justifying Web Content Management: The Business Case and ROI
    by Tony White.

  • Component Content Management: How True CCM Technology Drives the Most Compelling Content Initiatives
    by Bill Trippe.

  • Content Management for the Defense Intelligence Enterprise: How XML and the Digital Production Process Transform Information Sharing across the Intelligence Community
    by Geoffrey Bock and Barry Schaeffer.

  • Communicating SaaS WCM Value
    by Mary Laplante and Bill Trippe.

  • Structured Content in Practice: Peer Benchmarking Today's Applications
    by Geoffrey Bock and Mary Laplante.

  • Structured Content for Leadership: Differentiate with Advanced Practices
    by Dale Waldt and Mary Laplante.

  • Structured Content for Innovation: Driving Business Value in the Digital Economy
    by Geoffrey Bock and Mary Laplante.

Case Studies
  • Borderless Brand Management: The Philips Strategy for Global Expansion
    by Leonor Ciarlone and Fred Dalrymple.

  • Innovation3: The FICO Formula for Agile Global Expansion
    by Leonor Ciarlone and Mary Laplante.

  • Broadening Product Lifecycle Management: Club Car's Strategy for Multilingual Product Communications
    by Karl Kadie and Leonor Ciarlone.

  • Multilingual Product Content: Transforming Traditional Practices Into Global Content Value Chain
    by Leonor Ciarlone, Karl Kadie and Mary Laplante.

  • Digital Platforms and Technologies for Publishers: Implementations Beyond eBook
    by Steve Paxhia and Bill Trippe.

  • Enterprise Rights Management: Business Imperatives and Implementation Readiness
    by Bill Rosenblatt, David Guenette and Bill Trippe.

  • Multilingual Communications as a Business Imperative: Why Companies Need to Optimize the Global Content Value Chain
    by Leonor Ciarlone, Karl Kadie, and Mary Laplante

  • Digital Magazine and Newspaper Editions: Growth, Trends, and Best Practices
    by Steve Paxhia and Bill Rosenblatt.

  • Enterprise Search Markets and Applications: Capitalizing on Emerging Demand
    by Lynda Moulton.

  • Collaboration and Social Media Report: 2008
    by Geoffrey Bock & Steve Paxhia.

  • Beyond Search: What to do When You're Enterprise Search System Doesn't Work
    by Stephen Arnold.

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