Gilbane Boston 2010

Video: Molding the Customer Experience

Here is one of the promised videos from our most recent conference, this session being E7 Molding the Customer Experience with Melissa Casburn & Darren Guaranccia .

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Web Content Management is Dead, Long Live Web Content Management

Today we highlight E1. Customers & Engagement Track Keynote – Web Content Management Is Dead, Long Live Web Content Management taking place at Gilbane Boston, December 1, 1:30 – 2:30pm at the Westin Copley.

WCM systems are going through a transformation. While the past emphasis has been on simplifying the task of managing web content for non-technical users, advances in technology are allowing vendors to shift their attention back to empowering marketers to engage consumers with their websites. In addition to being extremely entertaining, this session will explore the critical questions to be answered before determining a WCM strategy. It will also introduce many of the subjects covered in the Customers & Engagement track.

Moderator: Scott Liewehr, Senior Consultant, Web Content Management, Outsell’s Gilbane Group

Robert Rose,Founder & Chief Troublemaker, Big Blue Moose

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How to Build a Content Strategy – Practical Principles for Influential Web Content

Today we highlight E5. How to Build a Content Strategy – Practical Principles for Influential Web Content taking place at Gilbane Boston, December 2, 9:40 – 10:40pm at the Westin Copley.

All too often, when charting the plan toward consumer engagement, content seems to be an afterthought. However, web content is the key to a successful user experience and delivering a consistent brand message. This session will outline the principles of a sound content strategy and how to create one.

Moderator: Andrew Bredenkamp, CEO, Acrolinx

Colleen Jones, Founder, Content Science
Margot Bloomstein
, Principal, Appropriate, Inc.

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Mobile App Development from the Trenches: How Developers Shape Content and Interactivity

Today we highlight P2. Mobile App Development from the Trenches: How Developers Shape Content and Interactivity for Today’s Devices taking place at Gilbane Boston, December 1, 2:40 – 4:00pm at the Westin Copley.

With smartphones and tablets exploding in usage, publishers are racing to deliver content to new types of users who are expecting rich, interactive experiences. Yet publishers are often dependent on third parties who can create these apps for them. This session delves into how some of the standard publishing apps work, and how developers create some of the more advanced features that users are demanding.

Moderator: John Parsons, Principal, Byte Media Strategies

Jason Sawtelle, Director, Premedia Sales, Quad/Graphics
Jay Hartley, Senior Vice President of Technology, Taunton Press
Paul Michelman, Director of Product Development, Harvard Business Review Group
Geoff Shaw, Vice President, Director of Digital Media, Sporting News
Jeff Gapp, Channel Evangelist, WoodWing Technologies

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Social Publishing: Strategic Content as Social Objects in the Extended Enterprise

Today we highlight C5. Social Publishing: Strategic Content as Social Objects in the Extended Enterprise taking place at Gilbane Boston, December 2, 9:40 – 10:40am at the Westin Copley.

Content has always been a focal point of interactions amongst employees, business partners, suppliers, and other members of the extended enterprise. However, the emergence of enterprise social software has placed a renewed importance on strategic content that serves as collaboration objects in digital interactions. This panel will discuss what types of content are strategic social objects in the extended enterprise, why they are important to business performance, and how they should be managed.

Moderators: Geoff Bock, Senior Analyst, Collaboration & Enterprise Social Software, Outsell’s Gilbane Group

Jerry Silver, Senior Product Marketing Manager, EMC Documentum xCP
John Eckman,
Senior Director, Optaros
Doug Gaff,
Director of Technology, NPR Public Interactive

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Gilbane expo pass includes keynotes, product labs, reception

For those of you that do not have the time to spend 2 days with us at the Gilbane Boston Conference, we still have a lot going on for you to consider spending a half-day or few hours with is as our guest using your Complimentary Technology Showcase Pass.

Your pass includes the option to attend one or both of the conference Keynotes, Product Labs, full access to the exhibit area and the conference reception on December 1st. It is worth the effort to plan your time in advance. Here is a quick list of the activities to consider:

Wednesday – December 1, 2010

  • Opening keynote session with Marie Williams, Senior Director, Web Innovation, Global Online Services, Hilton Worldwide; Keith Cook, Global eBusiness Officer, ACE Group and Aaron Hill, Senior Director, Online Strategy & Services, SAS
  • Product Labs starting at 11:00am – 4 labs today
  • Second Keynote – Industry Analyst DebateWhat’s Real, What’s Hype, and What’s Coming with Hadley Reynolds, Director, Content & Digital Media Technologies, IDC; Stephen Powers, Senior Analyst, Forrester; Scott Liewehr, Senior Consultant, Web Content Management, Gilbane Group; Tony Byrne, Founder, The Real Story Group & CMS Watch; Kathleen Reidy, Senior Analyst, 451 Group
  • Expo Area and Networking10:00am to 6:00pm
  • Reception, Technology Demos, and Networking5:00pm to 6:00pm

Thursday – December 2, 2010

  • Product Labs starting at 8:30am – 6 labs today
  • Lunch Reception, Technology Demos, and Networking from 12:30pm to 2:00pm
  • Expo Area and networking at 10:40pm to 2:00pm

There is still time to take advantage of a special $200 discount off the Conference Plus package, the Pre-Conference Workshop & Conference package and the Conference Only options – just use the discount code “Gilbane“. Learn from the unique collection of leading practitioners, analysts, and technologists that can only be found at the Gilbane Conference!

Technology showcase hours
Wednesday, December 1: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday, December 2: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

See the conference program & speakers at:

See the complete conference schedule at:

See the in-depth pre-conference workshops at:

Sign-up for your FREE Technology Showcase Pass at:

See you in Boston!

The Lighthouse Seminars & Gilbane Group Team

Gilbane Boston 2010
Westin Copley Place
November 30 – December 2, 2010

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Smart Content In the Real World: Case Studies & Results

Today we highlight T2: Smart Content In the Real World: Case Studies & Real Results taking place at Gilbane Boston, December 1, 2:40 – 4:00pm at the Westin Copley.

XML content with semantic enrichment enables some powerful and interesting applications, including modular reusable topics, dynamic assembly of content by areas of interest, and distributed collaboration in the cloud. This session will describe what makes XML content smart and explore how it changes how we create and manage it with real world examples of smart content in action.

Moderators: Dale Waldt, Senior Consultant & Geoff Bock, Senior Analyst, Outsell’s Gilbane Group

Mike Iantosca, IBM Authoring Tools and Content Management System PDT Lead, IBM Corporate User Technologies
Evolution of Smart Content in the Enterprise
Devin Holmes, Executive Director, Warrior Gateway
Patrick Quinlin, Lead Curriculum Specialist, Citrix Education

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Learn how to Manage and Publish Multilingual Content

Today we highlight Workshop D: Solutions for Managing and Publishing Multilingual Content taking place at Gilbane Boston, November 30, 1:00 – 4:00pm at the Westin Copley.

Are you struggling to balance your budget with the growing demand for localized content? Is your translation process too manual, too slow, too costly?

Explore content globalization strategies that get you ahead of the curve and in front of a global audience! Web Globalization authority Andrew Lawless, Principal of Dig-IT! will share proven content solutions for easy publishing, managing and updating of time-critical multilingual content.

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • Case studies form leading global organizations
  • Available technologies and providers
  • Workflow best practice
  • Budget requirements
  • Immediate ROI opportunities
  • Successful implementation scenarios
  • Practical tips for improving your content translation practice right now.

Rather than writing and translating the same thing many times, companies and organizations that have a presence in more than one country are looking for ways to streamline the management of “enterprise content”. Content solutions aim at improving time to value and time to market while keeping costs under control. This workshop helps you to understand the individual challenges of your organization, identify the technology needed to address them, and to effectively implement your solution.

Participants in this workshop will:

  • Review up-to-date technical and functional requirements for content and translation management solutions
  • Develop a complete understanding of budget requirements
  • Explore implementation scenarios for quick ROI
  • Learn how to get started with immediate positive impact.

This seminar is aimed at business and technical managers from commercial companies and public organizations who have a need to provide information to more than one market, country, or region, as well as any knowledge-management professional dealing with international multilingual communications.

Andrew Lawless, Globalization Consultant, Principal, Dig-IT!

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Gilbane Boston early bird discount extended thru October 29th

Registration information. Also check the site for the latest updates to the program, and exhibitors.

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