Be one of the first to see, and touch, SharePoint 2010

With the upcoming release of SharePoint 2010 “The business collaboration platform for the Enterprise and the Web”, Microsoft is hoping to accelerate the already dramatic growth of SharePoint. The SharePoint partner ecosystem is clearly excited, and even sceptics agree it is a major release. But how do you decide whether SharePoint is right for you, or which parts of SharePoint could meet your needs, either on their own or in conjunction with other enterprise applications? Should you use it for collaboration? for search? and what about web content management – a major focus of SharePoint 2010?

With SharePoint 2010 just entering public beta and scheduled for release in the first half of the year, it is time to make sure you know what its capabilities are so you can make informed near term or strategic decisions. And, you need to get the full story, and the way to do this is to see it, and play with it, for yourself, and talk to sceptics, evangelists, and people already using SharePoint for applications similar to yours.

Whether you are attending the full Gilbane Boston conference or just visiting the technology demonstrations, you have a unique opportunity to learn what you need to know about SharePoint content management at Gilbane Boston. As part of their rollout, Microsoft will be on-site at the conference with a classroom setup with PCs loaded with SharePoint 2010, and will show you how the new content management capabilities work.

Get the full story on SharePoint 2010 for content management at Gilbane Boston:

Don’t miss your chance to be one of the first see and touch SharePoint 2010!

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